Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Incomparably Jinxed

Keeping the present job scenario and the state of mind I am in, it seems as if I personify discomfort, irritation, unwillingness to do anything productive and meaningful and short temper.

If I sit to analyze and pen down the causes of “can’t live without such feelings at present” will be too boring and repulsive for any of the readers visiting my blog. Having said this I just realized, my sole intention of creating this blog is to let people know the reasons as to what has motivated me to become such an “irritated being”.

First and foremost My Workplace - which is a place full of people who can bring the shit out of you yet can act smart as if the responsibility of declaring the third world war lies on their shoulder. They have gained expertise in throwing meaningless challenges and then expecting you to face them with all bravery and cent percent positive outlook. On accepting such challenges, they think is your will to work and strength to face difficulties lie….which I consider is all “Bull Shit”……Now before, I portray myself as a person who hate to take challenges, (which is true, may be to some extent and moreover which I have acquired after working in this stable) it will be better to mention the types of challenges that are thrown,

i) Ability to work (happily and satisfactorily) without salary for more than a month or two.

ii) Putting you in an air conditioned meeting room to listen to all shits, like,

a) don’t drink too much of coffee
b) don’t use toilet paper without any urgent need
c) enhance your productivity even if you are not being paid
d) Lying on the fact of your salary being credited
e) And many such “Food for Thought”..that they utter to keep the office rolling and giving you false hope on many such important issues

Now having said all this, one can simply come up with a question, as to why don’t I change my Job, if the place is so sick. Or, y am I complaining so much.

I have my answer to it….

I am trying several places since ages, but as I don’t know much of technicalities I am not able to change my present profession with a few basic changes, because as my company promised me will teach some, but ended up in directing me, (and not only me, every single person working here) to write travelogues on Microsoft Word, for those who are lucky and for those unlucky again, its Open Office, for them.

Okk…..now do u know y aren’t people provided Microsoft Word……because… (hold your breath. …….The company claims itself to be an IT company, has office in Saltlake Sector 5 in Kolkata..(will b better if I dont mention other places where the goddamned company management claims to have an office) do not have enough revenue to buy Microsoft Words License………this is the truth…….the story is given in a way, as if Bill Gates is personally known to the high ups of our company and shares a bad rapport for reasons those r obvious enough to share a bitter relation……..

With an experience of working here for an year now, I am TIRED and SICK of this place.

So, beautiful is my office……….i Loooove the place…….no complains ok…….if u want a job here….forward me ur CV.. i will definitely forward it to the Hell……..and there will start our hatred and dislike for each other…….(hatred and disliking are understatement in this case…take my words)………

More wrath to come…..in between u can also expect some funny stuff……where I might talk about myself….. :P:P
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