Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shower and Smile.. :)

A few things first:

I love noticing the numbers ascending beside the word 'comment'..but i get equally disheartened when i land in there all-exited just to realize that i don't know the language... :(.. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart hoping that you have appreciated my writing.. :)..but if you care to discontinue you will be even more appreciated for not leading me to a 'hope-n-miss' case.

I changed the template and the font and that motivated me to write today.


Me in Bombay...for good...having a good time in the new office, loving the work which is similar to what i did long time back and i am enjoying this to the core.

Meeting old friends, chatting, catching up from where we left some ten, seven and two years back, making new friends.

Exploring areas, getting lost, missing the obvious turns to reach certain places, staring hard at the bus route no. and destination written, standing for hours at some stoppage or stations simply to observe the motion, it feels good.

Running to the terrace at midnight, awake from a sleep, to enjoy the silence in an otherwise not-so-silent city, it feels great.

Decorating the room with all stuff which never appeared so dear before...a beautiful room but not yet as warm as the one at 95, southern avenue...one thing that never went out of my mind for a nano second since i have left the city.

Shuffling the radio stations to know the programs by time and station. i miss the 'familiar' voices.

The frequent drizzle, present-continuous rains, flickering sun, steady moon and the absent stars make my day.

Thus were my last 30 days...hope to have more of such experiences. :)

P.S: Not getting over 95, Southern Avenue, Lake Road Barista, Sector V, Park Street, Boulevard Swimming Pool, Deshapriya Park, South City is not that i am sad about or i crib... but with these memories i walk to get a glimpse of the city which i am sure will be as much familiar in the coming years..