Monday, February 28, 2011

Sloshed Rhythm

A pencil in hand
after years swept in sand
not much to moan
neither much left in hand.

Friends around
talking over bottles of rum;
about times to come
and of the by-gone.

A bit sleepy
at the dawn break,
darkened hours though;
unfolds a brighter day

By the sea, i sit and sing
of hopes and wishes
and dreams of colorful days.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Trigger Dream

Disclaimer: Romantic overdose, incoherence, displaced emotions, urge to express certain nonsense and all possible meaningless questions! Read at your own risk. ;-)

for lack of better pictorial representation, but nothing beats this.. :)

When the moon descends with its silver veil
To the shimmering puddles on the lake
Will you sit by my side to say?
Life’s nothing but a golden deck!

Will you take my hand into yours?
Will you promise a life long sail?
Through the crest and troughs in the years ahead!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Without Music Life would be a Mistake. - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Otherwise a restless person, I have observed that i can stick to only one thing and spend hours. 

It washes away the dust of mundaneness,
It soothes the madness,
It elates the feeling of Feeling Good,
It erases the lows,
It establishes the point of "Change" and 'Constant" in the sweetest possible way,
It teaches me to take as It comes,
It negates the malice,
It helps me to laugh when i feel so,
It encourages me to cry if something feels dry.
It gives me a High
and gives me reasons enough to Live my Life.

"Without certain things, life wouldn't have been what it is.
Precious of them all is what we call Music!"