Friday, November 20, 2009

ABC down the Memory Lane.. :) i have been tagged twice and today finally i will be doing both the tags... I was tagged by this enthusiastic lady, to whom i bow down for inspiring me to sleep in the office, to be happy...i mean to eat to heart's content and then work out and to feel good and act accordingly even if someone rightly.. :P took you for an 18 yr old, all mesmerizing pretty lady or makes a mistake in addressing you as someone who has gathered experiences in life but that doesn't get reflected in the natural hair color ... So here i go.. :D:D

Tag 1:

A – Available/Single?

of course, Single.. y both the options together???!!!

B – Best friend?

i have many Good Friends...concept of BEST worked out when i was in 3rd, 4th or 5th standard

C – Cake or Pie?


D – Drink of choice?

Anything cold

E – Essential item you use every day?


F – Favorite colour?


G – Gummy Bears Or Worms?


H – Hometown?


I – Indulgence?


J – January or February?

February, salary comes early. :D

K – Kids & their names?


L – Life is incomplete without?


M – Marriage date?

again whose???

N – Number of siblings?


O – Oranges or Apples?

Can i choose both??!!!

P – Phobias/Fears?


Q – Quote for today?

Huh!!!....78 thousand million pounds???!!!! :D:D

R – Reason to smile?


S – Season?

Sumer, Winter, Rainy, Spring, Autumn

T – Tag 3 People?

Apurva, Devesh, new blogmates.. :)...

U – Unknown fact about me?

Smart huh!!...y do i disclose??!!!

V – Vegetable you don't like?

if cooked well i can eat anything...i am a foodie..

W – Worst habit?


X – X-rays you've had?


Y – Your favorite food?

Foodie i am...

Z – Zodiac sign?

Sagittarius..remember i b'day is just a few days away...

yeaaa..this was fun.. :)

Now this is another one, "The Memory Tag", where you make a note of 9 sweet memories, i.e, things you miss the most from the by-gone days. I have many posts labeled "Nostalgia", those posts almost say the same story, but here when i get a chance again to scream aloud about what was sooo Good during those days..i think i should not let this opportunity go.. :) infact, i can never get enough of the good old, here i am again... :)

Disclaimer: Quite a lengthy at your own risk.. :)

1) Luuuwwww for animals:

Now this is one thing, that my mother keeps telling me even today when she is tired of walking with me. Actually, what happens is, i stop to cuddle baby dogs, cats, cows and any such sweet creatures whenever i get to see them on road, and obviously my mother is bored of waiting for me after every two steps, when i sit down to cuddle the animals...well, this is present and here about the past....

Age: 3-6 No one in the family( no matter how dear he/she was to me) could make me have my lunch, if i didn't get to see any baby goat, cow, dog, sheep tied to a post in the courtyard. So my father and a few "help" went running after every such creature around 12.30-1 in the afternoon, so that i eat peacefully and let everyone else be at peace. Thank God he was self-employed or i would have died of hunger.. :D. Once the animal was in front, i would empty my plate within minutes and then would let that animal go free.

2) Brasso

Age: 3- 15 In retrospection to the 1st point, My father started buying artifacts of every animals known to human, made out of bronze, iron, clay or anything, to relieve himself from the duty of running behind animals everyday. and as the number of these artifacts increased, it was a tedious task to polish those pieces and to keep them back in the show case. In a year, there are 2 occasions when these artifacts are polished, Durga Puja and Bengali's New Year. So during these occasions, me, my father and mother used to sit together and polish all these stuff with "Brasso" and keep them back in place.

I miss that act of sitting together and polishing the animals. Now, my parents continue to do it religiously minus my presence.

3) Guardian Angel

This is when i was in std. 1st/2nd. Foodie that i am, and given my love for rice, i can sit and have it at any given time of the day. So there were these maids, who would sit and have their lunch together, say at around 2-2.30, as in when the family members were done with. So everyone used to bring their plate, sit in a circle and have their lunch in the courtyard. They sat with a jug of water, a bottle of pickle, some onions, chillies and salt. Now, yours truly, went silently and sat beside them with eyes on plate, movement of their hands from plate to mouth and vice-versa and would give a smile if anyone happened to look at her. Seasoned that they were with this cheap habit of mine, they didnt bother much and continued with their lunch. But there were days, when i proved lucky and someone would just give me a gulp or two to munch. Silently haan..if anyone from the family gets to know or see this, i will be beaten to death and needless to say they were more concerned about my well being. As fate had it, it was my mother who saw me from the veranda upstairs, came down, dragged me without saying a word and the maid who fed me, left her plate and came in shouting.."maine use diya hai, wo nahi mangi thi" and on hearing this, slaps went on my cheeks, back, legs and where not..left, right and center.

This is to say, i miss all of them and more with passing time, i miss their warmth, love and care. They have been in our house for generations and knew family members better than one's own brother, sister, mother or father. They were like Guardian Angel as at times they were the only one to save you from getting some real bad bashing for something foolish or bad you have done.

4) Green and red basket

Age: 4- 6. There were two baskets, green-mine and red-cousin's. These were our dress baskets, stuffed with simple and beautiful dresses, frilled, sleeveless white mini frocks with flower and bird motifs sewed on the chest and at the fall. Invariably, my cousin after the bathing ritual..which was of course an elaborative and exhaustive one for my mother and aunt. It was really tough for my mother and my aunt to make us stand still and scrub because once the soap was applied on our face, me and my cousin would run around with our eyes closed to catch each other...and after bath, my cousin, without fail, would pick a frock from the green basket and i would stand happy as she chose one from my basket and not her own. so her basket was always neat and tidy as neither of us touched the basket. On the contrary, my Basket look Tsunami-struck as she would choose one lying at the bottom. Last time, i went home, i saw two baskets kept one upon another and all empty.

I miss someone happily wearing my dresses. Now no one can, for the unique girth that i have acquired over the past few years.. :) and also we dont get any more such simplest and most beautiful dresses now.. :)

5)The Monkey Act

Age: 10-15. This is something i miss most from my childhood days...Trees, fruits and squirrels. Summer afternoon were spent in the mango tress...all younger cousins standing below the tree and the elder ones on the tree. we would pluck mangoes and throw it to them..the younger ones would collect and then all together we used to go to the kitchen, offcourse, when parents league were taking a nap. Then we made that khatta meetha aam ka chatni with salt, mustard oil and red chilli and then quarrel our ass out while having it, because as per the rule..people who climbed the tree were suppose to get more than the one who were standing below collecting the fruit.. :)

With the weight gained, let alone climbing on the trees, i can often hear trees wailing if i pass by some huge tree and a secret desire of climing on the tree flashes my mind.. :D:D:D

6) The School Rickshaw Van

std:I/II This was one fascination i had...i loved to push the rickshaw van..Now there was this road, slight steep and up-hill, so senior students as in students of std. 3-4, gleefully jumped out of the rickshaw at a particular point and then used to push the rickshaw. i always looked at the act with an eye "when will i reach std. 3rd!!!" it was, i couldn't hold on for long and then one day bribed the rickshaw puller(bhaiyaa- as we called him) with a sweet smile and "mere ko aata hai rickshaw dhakelna" talks. so bhaiyya agreed and i also jumped out of the rickshaw along with other boys at the right point and time....(there weren't any girls in the rickshaw as far as i remember.). so what happened was..there were no students left inside the rickshaw van, and it was super easy for bhaiiya to pull the rickshaw up the slope. so everything happened pretty fast and the rest jumped into the rickshaw in a fraction of all climbed up pretty quickly and as i was the last one, one of the student i remember told me to hold his hand so that he can pull me up quickly..but given the degree of my adamance, i refused and in the mean time the rickshaw pulled up fast and i laid fallen on the street, scratched my knee and elbow, and crying to wake up some deaf beggar too if there were any around.

So i reach home with knees and elbow cut, blood flowing et al. but as i remeber the incident, it makes me laugh because, i wasnt crying much about the fact that i fell and had hurt myself, rather because, as i entered the home still crying loud to deafen anyone around, i knew how will my mother react to it and more because of the thrashing i would get now. My mother and grand mother standing next to each other, my grand mother was almost there to hug me when my mother snapped in and gave me a brutal tight slap, as she knew (rightly, i use this word now, it didn't appear "right" to me back then), it was mistake of none under the sun and whatever happened, happened only because of my desire to be the smart ass every time.

I still miss my primary school, that rickshaw van and that ride along the steep road just at the turn from where you could see River Koel.

7) The Trio

Me, my grandmother and grand father. i remember we three sat together, me on my grand mother's lap. grand mother (Dida) and grandfather (dadu) would talk about anything and everything under the sun, and he also cracked some foolish jokes i believe, because what rings in my ear till date is my grandmother's hearty and loud laugh. i used to sleep with them too. i didnt need my mother and father, grandparents mattered to me the most at that age. i also remember my parents used to go anywhere keeping me with my grandparents at times also out of station, i had no complains, neither do i have one at this age. had it not been my parents i would have never got to know what love of grandparents mean.. :). i used to cry my lungs out when my grand parents went on tour or visit some places. My grandmother died suddenly, when i was in std. 3rd.

She is the one i miss the most in my life, infact, honestly, i haven't coped up with her death till date.

8) My uncle's marriage

Me and my cousin, (as mentioned in point 3) were the center of attraction during this event. we were the youngest and tiniest of all in the whole get-together. i remember wearing a white, sleeveless frock with pink embroidery on the wedding day and both of us wearing bermuda on the reception day. now when i see the photographs, i find us both the cutest thing in the whole event. Straight neck length hair, with chinese cut in front (as in hair covering the forehead), white tee shirt, blue bermuda. Cousin: unruly wavy hair, two pony tails, white tee and red bermuda. eating to glory, pampered by one and all, no studies and all fun and frolic. needless to say i had my quota of bashing because i climbed up the bamboos which were tied to build the samiyana. i still remember i reached a height where no one could reach me and people standing on the ground and asking me to get down and me shouting from top, "tell me you will not scold me or beat me, only then i will come down."..i was said i wont be scolded when i was up there...moment i came down...promise was history.. :D

But one thing i miss now is that, no matter how much i was bashed and beaten, i miss that closeness, that bonding in today's family. let alone uncles and aunties treating you as their own children and feeding u, beating u and scolding i know families where one cousin doesnt even know much about their own cousin.

9) Lastly and most importantly: Joint Family

I miss the joint family structure. It had its share of bad and ugly, but it also had much positive aspect to it. The togetherness, the occasions and festivals celebrated together, gloom shared, laughter spread. it taught me discipline(though the post doesn't say much about my disciplined childhood rather me being a disciplined child), but on a serious note it teaches you to act on time, it teaches u patience, it teaches you meaning of words like respect, honour, faith, trust and many similar words which are less in use today. i remember on weekend morning the constant reminders from any elders dragged us to have a bath on time. Any elders would just say it loud and we knew the instruction went for all. keeping all our stories to rest for half or one hour, we took bath right on time, we woke up on time, we ate on time, we ate together, we slept together. No matter who said what, even if you dont accept you have to act in a way so that the one in front is not hurt or disrespected and that applied for people of all age and class.

There was quite a bit of fun in that disciplined and restricted life which i fail to get today, as an independent person.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Smile :-)

Hey...Whats up??!!!How is Life???!!! I ask this question to myself many a times...More when i am not doing fine...not physically...but more when something from within tickles and say.."There's something not in place, dude!!"...and just to console myself and to move on i say "Yes", but right then i actually get to sense how superficial the answer was.

Today was a pretty bright day...infact not actually as is expected in the second week of November...woke up in the was quite hot..treated myself with cookies and a cuppa "Infusion"...the famous Coffee House of Kolkata has this written on their menu card for "Black Coffee"... :)..How a few things just come up, na...well, for people living outside Kolkata, whenever you visit The City of Joy, make it a point to go to The Coffee House.

Then, my flatmate wished me "Happy Children's Day"...wished her back with a huge smile :)

People whoever are on my Facebook friend list, might have noted my status message. For the rest, i was suppose to go to the Kolkata Film Festival, thought of watching "Tum Mile", needed to go to the cobbler and parlour et al....and, knowing myself, i also gave this note at the end: ..."Hope the 'Lethargy Bug' keeps off", but to no did hit me right on time...

It was almost 12 by then, so went for a bath, had lunch, watched a movie on Television, took a short nap, woke up, "Infusion", TV, online..and it was again 8pm.

But know what...after a long long time...this has happened. I am rarely at home...infact, weekdays or weekends, i stay at home till i am doing something. On weekends..washing, dusting et al and moment its over..i walk out..literally.. :)..either watching a movie all by myself, shopping, chatting with friends, at Barista and around the city and finally at home when the moon is almost about to pass my balcony, and right on time, i go running to the balcony and wish it a good-bye till the next day(well, before that ultra-dark night..i also give it a flying kiss and a bunny hug, as it wont be present the next day and will be difficult to locate for the next few days)....

But today, right before i started writing this, i asked myself, casually, just for the sake of it..."Hey Wazzup, how's life??!!!" and prompt came the answer with a smile catched unaware...."Absolutely Fine, Dudette"...and this answer made me feel more content, more happy..and this answer for sure was not came from the same chamber as the question and the smile stood as stamp of assurance.

And then i realized, we often in our hurry to catch up with things around, to do the mundane, to smile at people, to answer the questions...we forget to keep a note about what is the person inside doing???!!!...Its not about being selfish..or self centered...its just a time when you take an off from your surroundings to pay a visit to the self that makes you what YOUare to the world and offcourse to yourself...

Well, i am not the kind of person who crib and complain..yea..offcourse there are times when i actually do so, but overall i am a very happy kind of a person. I cannot pressurize myself or keep myself tensed for long. I can actually be the happiest person in any given situation, but that comes with a big IF, i.e, I am Happy only if I want to be... and thats what i think is important. One cannot let anyone take him/her for granted, nor should one always intervene in what others are doing.

A few statement stands true,very true, and more often than not i try to follow those lines:
Live and Let Live
Smile and the world smiles with you

At the end...i know only one thing:
Its my life...its a blessing and i got to live it up...i got to live it to the hilt...i got to be Happy and should always enjoy the blessing...

On that note and on this "Children's Day" let us all be as pure and true and lets smile that "Lovely Innocent Smile"...Kudos to Life and Lets be Happy and make the world a happier place to be... :-)

Thursday, October 29, 2009


She walked up the stairs silently...she knew a tap of the heels would bring in the people of the adjacent apartments to the eye-hole on their doors.

She was walking up the stairs in perfect silence and shivered once on seeing him standing at the staircase landing. She waited in front of the 2nd floor apartment door as he went to the 3rd floor to get the keys for the 2nd floor apartment. She blankly stared at the door of the apartment on the 3rd floor.

she knew no matter how much she loved him, she would never be entitled to set her feet inside the apartment above, his actual "Home". She was even more sure that he would meet her at the second floor apartment only till the day, when someone more near to his life "socially" would be accepted heartily by his family members and will be welcomed to the warmly lit 3rd floor apartment.

Her silent cry went unnoticed with the screeching sound of the door leading them to the dark and cold apartment on the 2nd floor.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


It's been long that she has actually been the way she wanted to be. She laughed, danced and roamed as if it was her last day on earth.

Somewhere down she wanted to escape the wrath and fury of all that looked beautiful, pleasurable and jazzy, coz somewhere down she knew all that looked good had the darkest contours within.

Yes, she knew that the realization had dawned late, it was too late for her to accept that "nothing but opposite strikes", and this is what she wants to hold on all through. She somehow always managed to console herself with sweet words, knowing those were as meaningless, but this time she was sure she wont let the days pass by as the days that were already gone.

She bid her parents "the-all-Smile-and-Happy" Goodbye to turn around soon and be part of the gang whose giggles were tearing apart the grave silence of bidding adieu?

She laid in the bed as a stone remembering her mother's lap when she had a high fever, though would never let that precious pearl drop fall off her eyes???!!!!

She laughed at the joke her friends cracked regarding her being betrayed by someone she adored????

She just hung up the phone silently on realizing that the voice on the other side suddenly went low as she introduced herself???

Well, and many many more such instances where she reacted the way just to put up a "Strong-Self", little did she had an idea that the "Portrayed-Strong-Self" was one of her attempt to make the "Opposites Strike", which actually killed her.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

May Well Be

Its now time to..

Get the dresses, jewelleries, chappals and the various shades of color

Smell the flowers, enjoy the bright sun and stare at the white, fluffy clouds passing by.

Time to shed off all that is dark and look up to a bright new beginning.

Spend days with people who have been with you, and to welcome back all who moved on

To strengthen and renew the bond

To let each other know of what was left behind, to let each other hear that remained unspoken.

To get a reassurance of the strength that we possess

To brighten which already exist

To acquire the vigour of accepting the unknown.

To reinstate the assurance of all being well and to hope for its remaining so forever.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tee hee hee :)

Ok..this will be a morale boosting know what..i have been awarded for all the crap i write here. Who else on earth can be as sweet as the blogger friends.

We fellow bloggers do not know each other, we have never seen each other, but we kind of get a picture of the FBs through the posts. We get to know where they live, what they do, apparently what disposition the person has, their knacks and interests, their dislikes and irritation, their highs and lows and a few more interesting facts.

At times we eagerly wait for someone's comment and at times for someone's post... a beautiful relationship we have developed... and sweet expectations which are more often than not, met.

So this sweet lady, Smita has passed this award on to me and i am more than happy for this is my first award ever here on the blogosphere.

P.S.: Having said that i want to know how do i keep it up on the side bar of the blog, please dnt tell me the way, the indiblogger people describe it..i dnt understand it, really....can anyone please help me? and i know the answer..there will be many to give a patient hearing to my dumb questions..and this is why i call this a lovely relationship.

O.K, for once in my life i have been serious while talking about friends, so please do not take it otherwise...i LUWWWW you all....

And here goes my most precious award with applaud from the audience:

see see. look look...

A few rules tagged with the award:


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7. Have Fun!


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Thursday, July 23, 2009

What goes around comes around

Disclaimer: This is a long long post

Circa 2000
Location: Varanasi
Setting: In a room, some 4-5 girls giggling, talking non-sense and trying to make the most of a hot sunday afternoon

Roommate(RM)(opens the door with a bang and screams in): My boyfriend is coming...yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Me: ohh..who?

RM: (Silence) Gives me a look.

Me: no, i mean...which one?

RM: A dirtier look (The rest: falls apart laughing)

Me: No i mean...

RM: ....Can you please try to understand and then speak?

Me: yeah.... i'm trying to....

RM: (snaps in) My BOYFRIEND is coming from Hyderabad

Me: have big connections..!!

RM: ohh..yes man, i worked (read: gave in a lot of effort) on it...he studies in Hyderabad and visits his parents in Dubai and will be going for his Masters in the US of A and is coming to visit his girlfriend in Varanasi. (the last part of the sentence goes with an elan)

Me: ohh woow...Globe trotter

RM: well, girls(Addresses to all in the room), i need your help...i need the best Sari, need to wear the best make-up and i need to look "GORGEOUS" understand??
(Turns to me), Can you please lend me that white sari with golden zari and motifs all over???

Me: ( idea of what this storm has struck)..ohh..yeah..definitely (someone rightly said: Charity begins at home)

RM: and i think your blouse will fit me fine.

One of the rest: if not, you can stitch it in...(yaa..she has to make this point clear that my RM has got the best figure...ohh yes these are the words most needed to boost one's confidence and morale at such *fate-changing* situation)

RM to the rest: and i need to check your make-up box for the right shade of lipstick

Me: but why so much...i mean you can be in your t-shirt and jeans, rite!!

RM: Can you please keep shut and stop giving your expert comments???? and yes will help me with wearing the Saree.

ME: *that will sure be an event*..oohh..yess...

The Day:

RM woke up at some 5-5.30 am, me still snoring, she wakes me up with a direct hit on my with half opened/half closed eyes, seeing her bathed so early scared the hell out of me..

Me: Good morning, y did u take a bath so early? you will catch cold.

RM: stop the shit and help me, now get up, dn't be so lazy...the train is running on time

Me: ohh yes..while wrapping the saree (not getting an iota of "What is this Happening!!!!"..I need to change my roommate has taken a bath before 6 am...)

Finally, after 30 good minutes..she is ready, she is wearing a saree, matched accessories, the right shade of lipstick and yes she is looking beautiful..err.."GORGEOUS"

RM: How am i looking?

Me: yeaah..Beautiful..i mean damn beautiful...he wont get much chance to appreciate the Holy Ganges and the Ghats.

RM:..hmm...anyways...will beback by 7 p.m.

Me (thinking):*12 hrs...wnt u get bored?!*( but then at times you need to keep your thoughts as thoughts and should not speak out...good..i am learning things.)

off to sleep, wake up at empty..obviously missed the breakfast..good that i woke up now..its lunch time and i won't die hungry.

1800hrs: All "loosers" (read: people without boyfriends) sitting by the fountain, gossiping, munching,bitching.

1900hrs: Almost dark and i scream...hey..who is that beautiful lady at the gate..cant b anyone's mother..looks too hot and young..may b someone's didi..whose?? No one in our campus looks like having such a pretty lineage...!!!

Some one from the group hits me and says: You blind bitch, she is your room mate

Me: oh yes..come lets go to the room.... stories enough to spend the whole night..we must start early...tomorrow is Monday...

We all along with my "Pretty Roomy" heading towards the room, all eyes set on her...some making her feel like a "Queen" and i am there to welcome her by un-latching the door.

All sitting, the Queen starts. (Though not looking much enthusiastic about the whole affair.)

Me: Are you tired or something..then we can wait till tomorrow evening to get the gossip..or if its too late for you to hold on we can spend the night gossiping. so you can take rest now

RM: *Furious* wattt??? you said that word "Gossip"...i mean how can you.......(continues till the room is relatively empty and i am the only one in the front standing unarmed). Anyways..seems like we will have to wait...

22oo hrs and as planned..again all Roomy/the playing the host to orders like...."Zara paani dena/ biscuit hai tumhare room mein/ Mixture/ all questions my one word answer "No"...some says..."Sali kya bhikhari hai re tu log!!!!!"and my roomy just couldnt take that and turns to me and says, look there in my bag are two Dairy Milk Chocolate..get those. ' didnt u remember that when everyone left in the evening and i was faking to study hard to escape your verbal wrath!!!!.'

RM: Okk...girls are you interested to know wat happened?

In Unison: man, we cant wait anymore. 'what you think we all are here to admire you sitting between us just like that?? what goes wrong with people in love???'

RM narrating all the events that took place between 700hrs-1800hrs, which includes a warm welcome, a tight hug, booking a hotel room saying "We are couple"and that was the "High" (me thinks), some sweet-nothings, stroll to the ghats and nearby parks, gala lunch, back to the park, some coochy-cooing, an open-air discussion and to digest that extra calorie intake (here comes the twist) and finally, bidding that Bollywood style Goodbye. cut a long story short: What happened is, when they were sitting in the park coochy-cooing and were just trying to be cozy, as in a bit more cozy, as in so cozy that each other were feeling each other's breath, my RM saw some creepy creatures standing witness to their "sweet act" (sweet because not-so-adult and public distracting), and the creepy creature on witnessing the love birds, actually could not restrain itslef and witha strong desire to be a third party in the whole act started wriggling towards them...and when i say creepy, i mean creepy...i also mean crawling, i also mean wriggling.

Me: (on hearing this, jump off the bed...and animatedly screams) "WAT!!!"...and you were so near, i mean to "it"and not to "him"!!! and you are still alive????

RM: yes, (and goes into a bharatiya nari mode) yes, i was sitting there and to my dismay i saw him running away like a mad dog. (eyes almost red and moist)
me almost loosing sense, both on hearing the creepy story and on seeing the red eyes.

Me: Trying to ease the situation and all trying to console my RM for the *inappropriate* act that sjhe was subjected to..and i again come out with my smart opinion
Good that he ran away, you should have done the same, why were you sitting there...did you go cold?? i mean that would have been an awkward accident girl.

RM: Yes, it was awkward, i never thought he will run away leaving me in such a state. he could have atleast held my hands and then we both could have ran together.

Held my hands, ran together- Can real life be so filmy??? What did you expect??The wriggly creature intervenes and you sit there for someone lending you his hand???

My all enthusiam down the drain, as i see people consoling and my roomy in tears, well, some different thoughts running in my mind altogether: Man, all these bitches will leave and i will have to remain wide awake providing tissues??? Finally, as expected everyone leaves, and again i play the real good host bidding everyone good-bye and gesturing as if i will console her just in a second. Deep down only i know, how nervous i was...infact more than the roomy who went "cold" on seeing the wriggly creature.

Me: (Upfront) Look you should not worry and cry like this, i think (now i have to be articulate, i thought)..i mean...yes..i mean..wat he did was what we call "Respond to stimuli" but yes, he could have pulled you *your fat ass* along with.

She continues with her sob and tears, in all that bollywood style and after trying to console her for almost 15 mins, i give up and straight i shoot.
Look, if you think he shld have done according to wat you had expected and that gives you a feeling, that he is not "So-caring" a BOYFRIEND and that you have lost faith/trust..then speak to him about this and if he gives a shrug kind of an answer...give your "Globe-Trotting" relationship a CALL.

RM: Why do you have to jump to a black and white conclusion evrytime??? (RM: eyes big, tears gone, back to normal self.
Me: Jump into my bed and under the cover thinking, i should have given this dose long back to stop myself from getting so panicked.)

Next evening RM goes straight to the cyber cafe, gets him online and then scares the shit out of him by throwing words...emotional, sentimental, i loved you so much, i care for you so much and stuff and to my utter disbelief i heard her saying me "I gave HIM the DOSE, you gave me yesternight". :O

ME: timidly as one can say...hope that worked....

RM: Yes Big time...

Circa 2005
Location: Kolkata
No special dress, a jeans and a kurta may be if not a t-shirt. (tsk..i dnt even mean)
Setting: A couple sitting in one of the many parks in Kolkata.

and as it has to be...when you are seeing someone as a need to do those coochy-cooing and sweet nothings..or else once again you "Did-not-do-as-expected".

and there we are...almost..kind of almost feeling each others breath and trying to feel more of it.may be... though i didnt spray any mouth freshner...but then love is not only blind it can take the sense out of you...

so almost close and then i think..when two human beings are so close, facially, its looks more feminine, i guess, to close your eyes, this is what i have learnt from Bollywood movies and Mills and Boon.

Me almost in the dilema of closing or not closing my eyes, i saw the pair of eyes in front of me opened and next moment i heard a scream...

yes, very obviously so, because moment i turn around i see a Black, standing on four feet, smelling of God-knows-what was at a centimeter distance from me. Again when i look in front, i see a familiar face, who was almost at the same centimeter distance a few minutes back is standing miles away.

Me, the smart ass that i am, i start laughing uncontrollably...and finally, it sits beside me with a thump....

Luck and Fate, you are born with...

Not to say it, but just in case, for your reference: Till date i have not said this to my RM and i definitely dnt intend to say...cause then i will be hit with words which will faint me to death. Good that she is not here in the blogospehere....well, to hide from one, i said it to the world....

P.S: I do not intend to demean any of the people or the animals who played their interesting role in my life...never.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's all in the Blood

Past: Born and brought up in a joint family and in a place which was (in fact, is still)deprived of all the blessing and curse of a city...

Present: Trying to make a living in this ever changing and fleeting moments of a faster life, trying to match steps with all running on one of those tracks.

Reaction: I feel so good and proud, first that i have a treasure of such a serene, soothing childhood.
Second, Atleast i am getting to know and learn the art to face and fight the ever intruding changes to make a mark somewhere, if no where atleast to myself.

ok..from here i take a different route altogether. As it is, people in every walk of life get to meet people and trust me on this when i say, each and every one leaves a mark on your dairy in one way or the other..well that is on a bigger canvas, on a smaller canvas and from what i have heard about myself from different people and then when i think from where did i acquire all these traits..i make a note of these people who come to my mind..

In context to the past and present:

Acquired from Grandfather: Ability to remember dates. (birthday, anniversaries and just a combination of a day and month...) but that doesn't mean i scored well in History as a student.
Past: Remembered birthdays and anniversaries of all persons alive or dead in the family and of the over-extended family.
Present: I remember dates and days on the basis of my attendance in the office, if i am at the office, it means its a weekday, if not it means a weekend.

Acquired from Grandmother: The "Laughter"
Past: People could locate me anywhere from that loud giggling laughter and therefore my cousins never wanted me to be there in the team while playing "Hide and Seek".
Present: The "Laughter" still times to forget the stress and at times to be in that most important "i am still in sync". (basically a self consolatory thing)

Acquired from father: "Lost in my own world"
Past: Lost in my own world, i ended up doing several positive and productive things, which included "study". I never scored less than an 95% till std. VII.
Present: Which i think started may be after VII std., i end up thinking what and what not. but no positive result to it, often "lost in my own world" means a "Blank-head".

Acquired from mother: Hand-writing
Past: Till std. X, if not for anything i was the uncontested student when it came to hand-writing. Each and every teacher knew me and still remember me for my hand-writng.
Present: Thankyou Microsoft Office, you have left me with no option. Handwriting now means making the monthly grocery list...if someone else carries the list to the shop, they end up buying only half of the things mentioned in the list.

Acquired from Mejo-kaka(uncle): Spic and span
Past: If for anything, no one could raise finger at me for an untidy room, study table, dress..whatever
Present: Cleaning house is a weekly affair now.

Acquired from Sejo-kaka: Quiet and Calm
Past: Apart from the "laughter" if i was made to sit somewhere, one can find me in the same place even after hours. No screaming and shouting-but yes, this was an early childhood trait, it changed over the years. :D
Present: Ask me to sit in a place and blink...i am gone.. :D

Acquired from Choto-kaka: May be the "vocal-chord"
Past: I used to sing for myself when i was not sleepy and then gradually the song stopped and everybody knew i was in my dream land.
Present: I think my memory does a better job of remembering songs...i dnt know if at all my vocal-chord will do any more justice to music.

Well, these are 1 trait from each family members which came to my mind while typing...and all the aunts, may be i dnt have a blood tie with you poeple but you people were always there and have taught me things which my mother might have not succeeded in doing alone to this stubborn girl.

Thank you all for that wonderful childhood i have had.

Not that evrything was good in the past and everything is dark at present...but this was just like a snippet how life has changed and you know, past always looks better in yearn for a brighter future..naa!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

High, Higher, Highest.....

Way to my office..a small walking stretch from the main road...

A girl walking in front of me

The girl with shaky steps, looking around curiously, a bit hesitant, modest dressing says it all...

and there my "Judgemental Self" surfaced...few moments of observation...

Conclusion drawn..."New girl, first day in the nearby college"...

I walked past the me in front, the girl behind...

A voice from behind..."Are you a student of "The college name"???

Me looked behind..(at a loss of words, overwhelmed, the world appeared beautiful than ever, butterfly, me flying high)..answered with a 10,000 million dollar smile...(Value of the smile is underestimated here)..."No"....

*Flying High...higher.....*

Cloudy sky, jeans rolled up to the capri length and me flying highhhhhhhhhh....

Can i be happier????

:D :D :D

P.S: Completed Masters in the year 2005...

Friday, July 10, 2009

To My World...

Ma and Baba,

I know you will never read this...never.. and even if you read you will consider it as trash as i think while typing..but i want to say something here...

Today, it's your 28th Marriage Anniversary....You and Baba look great together..yeah i know that's a cliched expression...but then truth is truth and limited for the way they are expressed...
You both have taught me to "Live"...I am proud of who you are to me...but and here on this note I start...

  • Why do you go overboard when it comes to "Relatives"...why is it, that they expect you to visit their place everytime you are here in kolkata, irrespective of the reasons of your coming here, which primarily includes, Health reasons.

  • Why do they have to bother you so much with their fake botheration??? and again you get into that.... Ma&Baba: Health problem happens at any age and at any time and yes, offcourse there are ways to get well perfectly and soon.

  • I am really pissed off on this...i see your dressing style being influenced by some of "The Relatives"...Ma, i won't have bothered about it a bit if that would have been in a positive way..but Ma their choice SUCKS...and i just can't believe when you say the other piece in the shop was 150-200 rs. more than the shitty crap you have got, i know, it's just because you have "Their" consensus on buying it???..I am not accepting this....
To this let me tell you..your collection has gone way too drab, LS and uninteresting and this i am saying not because my choice have changed....i still love your earlier collection way more than the things that you have bought recently....this is getting sick MA....and i know...this is that "Evil-Influence" on you....

  • I have started loving you all the more for all your funny and non-sensical blabbering... then i realise the meaning of what "they" said.."Like mother, like daughter"... :D

  • Yes, you have grown old..old enough to authoritatively lead a peaceful and non-hectic life... i know your operation had been painful, more than that your patience had been tried. when it came to physical concerns you were tied to certian limitations , ...but baba, you are fine now..absolutely fine...and you really need to enjoy these peaceful days...please Baba..dn't give up...this is the time to live and be happy...i know you have your own concerns and if i say today, "I am Here"..i know i am simply being modest and I know some thing goes well when it is conveyed without being "said".

  • Baba, i am still proud of your choice and collection and at times the way you dampen ma's enthusiasm to visit all those "Relatives's" place just to hear stories of pain and the following melodramas.
well, now a BIG point to be made:

I will get Married. To whom and when, i am as unsure and clueless as you are. okk...some of my reactions to my mother's over-used dialogues:
  • Yes, i have many friends...but no, i dn't have any "Special Friend".
  • I go to watch movies, shopping all alone and believe me no one accompanies me. If some does, they are all girls.
  • I drink coffee and "Liquor" with boys, YES....but believe me none of them have any intention to marry me and i respect their feeling.
  • Yes Ma, as you say, "I am pure waste in not managing to have a boyfriend after studying in a co-ed school and university". Well Ma, i take a chance here and say "The blooming days are in the college may be, and i wasted another three years of my life studying in a "Girl's College".
  • Yes Ma, i know i am short and fat, i eat too much and therefore no one will marry me, and more if i continue eating rice four times a day... :D
  • And please do not go by "The Relatives" consensus while choosing the "Man" for me... "your relatives" might like him...but...
  • i know "you have not many but only one child...and to see her happy is what you wish"...but for that do not rely on me..i cannot make you happy on take the initiative and you will be happier"... :P
okk..enough of complains....but may be i am the happiest person to have you as my parents, for the way you people have allowed me to be whatever i am, for teaching me the ways to face the world, though silently, for agreeing to what was good and disagreeing to what was not so good.
and last but not the least...after all these years of staying in two different and far away cities, i have still not come to terms with bidding you the good-bye while seeing you off on your journey to the home-town...i still feel bad and sad...but again may be you never taught me to be "weak" and have taught me to accept the reality and the practical norms as it were and that too with a smile...
I always love the way you appreciate any thing and everything i give you and the smile on getting those bouquet of red and white flowers...thats what you both are to me..."Love" and "Peace"....
Love you the way you are forever... :D

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

NOT a Review .. :D

I anticipated with bated breath after watching the trailor in some PVR in mumbai, when i went to watch a heart-breakingly disgusting YRF production sometimes in December. well, but with the cast shown in the trailor, i was not expecting much. Well, but of late i heard and read much about this movie. SO after a much-much long wait to visit those dark theaters (well i will definitely speak of my movie jaunts sometime later), this was the movie i chose to watch....(no prize for guessing..NewYork).

These YRF people know how to woo and teach their audience, at the least. The way they have their title card and crew list come on to the screen and the background portrayed, it really kind of prepare you mentally to expect "what" and "what-not". I really loved the helicopter-shot and the way they introduced the more-prominent protagonist of the film...the CITY in itself!! Even if some one goes to watch this movie without watching the trailor or having an iota about what this film deals with(which is impossible in today's world of striking and screaming publicity), they can atleast get a hint from the moment the screen becomes the director's and cinematographer's canvas.

Well, no point to debate on the subject chosen..yes much debated and conversationized subject that the 9/11 topic is, needless to say director Kabir Khan have done a real good job with a difference in it. Of much watched and said, a very few can actually think of making a film out of a sub-topic which remains almost under cover or not-so-much-discussed. (Having said that, yes, the sub-topic was also not unique but dealing it in the way it has been's good).

But people, you are going to watch a YRF production without expecting something mushy and "love-able"..then you didn't follow the trend of the productions catering to your entertainment zing since a few decades now.

And i can bet on the reason if people say they 'didn't like the movie'. I know, films, if only for entertainment and a medium to help us relax, we will definitely give the film a few more brownie-points, if, it satiates the most coveted and wished dream of "... and they lived happily ever after". Digression is even accepted in real world but when it comes to a fantasy land, it is expected the way, we have read and heard it from all the story tellers.

Overall, a good film and a good time chosen to release the film, (one more point, where YRF tops the list of all other prodction houses, that's where the "wooing" audience becomes more evident).

Katrina Kaif acted..ohh really!!!...Neil Nitin Mukesh, sure has it in him, needs much much more exposure, John Abraham doubtlessly is modest enough to say "I learn from every films i do"..he is learning it really and the graph always rose higher with each release.

Well, you can always go and watch this movie in the theater...the film can also save on your budget of popcorn and it will keep you engaged and you wont need to munch in order to pass the dark hours.

After watching this movie, my reactions:

1) As always, my love and respect for the YRF remains intact..inspite of some trauma-drama that they accidentally end up making.

2) John..i like him...well...i am not a blind woman to overlook his well shaped physique.

3) Katrina kaif is fine...i am too stubborn to appreciate someone i dnt like...well...i still recognize her for the near-good job that she has done...

4) Pritam undoubtedly has done an excellent work....KK, Mohit Chauhan..everyone is commendable

5) Irfan Khan....words are not sufficient to appreciate his talent.

6) Last but notttt the leasttt......."LOVE U...NEEEEEEIIIIIILLLLL..."..


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Zillionaire Tag

Ohhh....i am zillion times happy for the BIG ZILLION DUDE tagging me for the first time ever in my entire span here at blogosphere.....
even then, i am such a bitch that happiness can never overshadow my list of things that drives me crazy!!!!
1) Lack of Basic Etiquettes : Here i would like to give a special mention to the so-called "feminists", where they take immense pride in having a "Ladies Seat/Compartments" in the public transports but lacks the manner of making place or leaving the seat for some elderly man/woman, pregnant women and handicaps. Here i only want to make this point clear that if you think you are a "Femine-ist" try practising some "Humanity" first and then only will your feminism get elated without even getting a special mention an you can rise much higher even without a quota/special seat being alloted to you.
Well, having said that there are many other areas where people lack the most basic etiquette.
2) Lack of A Proper Dressing Sense: Believe me, your personality speaks all about what you are and who you are. Talking about personlaity, your appearance does matter...yes, trust me it does...but guys, before you raise your know wat...for a proper dressing sense we can always do with/out designer labels. what one needs to have a proper dressing sense means knowing what suits you the best and when "suiting" comes into the picture dresses with the "right" fit needs a special mention. Wear stuff in which you feel most comfortable and let the world feel comfortable on seeing you. if you oggle at some divas for the way they look, believe its not because of what they are wearing but how they are wearinga nd the way they are carrying have a proper dress you need not spend fortunes...the regular/basic if worn perfectly does the job brilliantly. And same goes with accessorizing what you are wearing.
3) People YELLING to make a point: Guys don't shout...raising your tone and getting a cracked voice will never ever help you to make your point can make your point in a whisper...but remember your "point" has to be strong and practical enough to be heard.
4) Insensitive people and people taking things for GRANTED: Why man!!!...if some one cares for you..why do you feel giving it back will cost you a fortune!!! you never took a back seat in hitting someone when they had hit what pain does it take to say "You Care"!!!...Get that into your gesture...that will only help you ...and will never demean your royal existence.
5) People not respecting their service provider (milk man, newspaper wala, maids and all of them): Hey dude...remember if you could have done all that by wouldn't have needed them. Just because you can't, you need respect what they do and foremost..respect for who they are.
6)Bad Music and Bad Films : Trust me, with technical and technological advances that we have today, its really difficult to churn out the best of the least creative-genius you have in you. With the unparalled seven notes we have and the ability to hear, its really really difficult to go wrong here. Similarly, with the numerous events that we see, hear or exprience in our daily lives, its really difficult to make a bad story out of it... yes, for the technical parts there are trained people to help you out where you get stuck , but before that organizing your thought process is up to you and really no can help you on that....its you out there and only you...Try to proove yourself with the best that you can deliver with the least that you have ..there in you stand the "Genius".
7) Untidy rooms/home: Have you heard, "Home is where the Heart is"..yes, so the point well raised is that "My heart can dwell in the filthiest of place"....but take a note that is a point different all together...when you come back after your day's tiring activity, doesn't it look good to see a place welcoming you with all its warmth!!! Man, you are born here on the beautiful "Earth", which sure is a place envied by all other here on earth, where you get a place all for yourself...make it as beautiful as the bigger canvas. Believe me, this is a job which takes nothing...just a heart...and you get a "Home"...
8) Bad odour: Silence...Please get a "Deo" and a "Mouthwash", in your next shopping spree. Soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, if is already there..then start USING it.
9)Pessimists: Why CAN'T that happen!!!!!.....that are the one who will make it have it in you to make it happen... try once...just once...
10) okk...the craziest thing ever...."The Confession" , that i am going to write after all the's not that i have practised it always the way i have described it here...but yes..above described are the ways i would love to see and practise....having said that...i would also like to say, that the moment i have deviated from any of the aforementioned paths..i have taken time to sit and analyse and wherever i have realised that i was wrong...i have tried to mend my ways....So things being repeatedly done without a proper "Realization", takes you no-where...analyse what you do...dont do things blind-foldedly. here i finish...and after a week's time from when i was tagged. I pass it on to
and all those who want to take it....
You know wat...i appreciate these tags, and more when i am further tagging people, because i think there doesn't exist a more modest way to intrude into people's life!!!! taaging people with some personal question is like a sugar coated anti-biotic capsule....people (atleast like me) initially forget the trauma of unwrapping themselves in public....hey , i like that....Yooohooooo....
Take it on a sport.. :D:D
Rules: you have to link the one who has tagged you and further if you are tagging someone, plz link the person's blog also.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Unseen

Well, to start with the weird thoughts have not left me yet, but who cares...the more they get attention the more they sit on you. So let things be as it is and i should take a step more to explore the unseen and unknown...

Results of a few daily and "crappy" observation:

Sunglasses: Offcourse and obviously protecting the eyes from the glare
of the sun is the responsibility that this accessory is assigned with. Informally, it also helps the social animal in carrying on with many more glaring activities in an unhindered way for sure, and for this informal set of jobs , i will definitely give "Sunglass" its due respect and recognition.

Now, thanks to the 70s Bollywood Style that has again stepped into the fashion arena. Just a basic blue jeans and a white t-shirt (obviously, timeless and the smartest combination that one can think of) with its inherent simplicity, when accessorized with the 70s Bollywoood Style oversized sunglass, it is sure to turn a few heads in appreciation.

Ok, so a few cases :

1. You (male/female) wearing a sunglass can consistently admire some beauty or hunk sitting at the table opposite yours in some cafe and you can afford to do it safely without the other person having an idea that s/he is being appreciated/stared at. (offcourse with admiration)
Case1: Sunglass as a protective sheet

2. Safeguards some admirer(male/female) from unneccessary verbal or emotional blows from their over-possessive girlfriends and boyfriends while constantly staring at some beauty/dude in situation similar as the above one.
Case 2: Sunglass dearer than a nagging person.

3. Some one without a sunglass is following you, or just trying to gain your attention in a crowded scape, and you want to react on getting a hint of that. In such cases you can actually react in several and safer ways if you are wearing a sunglass.
3.a. You can observe the person more minutely if you are wearing a sunglass where the person is not even getting a hint of your attention:
3.a.i If the observer here is not much worth, you can continue putting on airs with your sunglass either positioned on the face or head.
3.a.ii You can just take off your sunglass in style and give a hard stare to keep the meandering person at bay.
3.a.iii In such cases or with minor diversification sunglasses also helps to carry forward the message of "I am least interested and in an "Ignoring" mode", right across to the nagger.

4. You can actually observe the world around minutely with your sunglasses on. Elements to be observed and be-careful-of can include "someone" to "something". You can actually take a note of " how one looks" or " how one looks at you".

5. In some unfortunate cases, suppose you are out on a picnic and eventually company of a few underestimates the meaning of the word "BORE", then and exactly there you can strect yourself on the green lawn as if admiring the nature and can actually go into a short but peaceful nap.

I am sure there are a lot more, so you people can feel free to give your ideas and elate the invention of such an important and helpful accessory.

I only hope, no "glare-brand" glares at this post and on your comments, or else the prices of this under-estimated accessory will have an financial upsurge in this unavoidable recession-ized market.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Something is wrong....something is bothering me...i am restless...
But not getting to figure out exactly wat it is... :(

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Saturday Jaunt

Again one of those phases where life seems lifeless. Honestly, i'm a bit restless these days, some weird thoughts are always there to capture my peace of usual...reasons and causes of all these remains unindentified.

But one cannot deny some good things that come down your way amidst the mist of uncertainty and restlessness. So here goes the story....

Saturday: Was a bit irritated on the fact that i had to come to the office because of the "prelude" to Aila* that struck Kolkata on Monday. So after spending "a-not-much-productive" day in the office, when i was leaving for home in the evening, right on time "U" called me to join him at the "Lake Road Barista", our almost-everyday hangout". On reaching there, I was a nagging bitch as ever and requested him to take me to his place, so that i can have a more meaningful and almost ending weekend with "U - The red-bearded man" and "A- The red-haired mohila", with endless nibbling and drinking (not necessarily liquor) and chatting all through the night...well, called "The red-haired mohila" to know, whether i will be a pain at all the possible wrong places if i go down to their place for the usual she "sounded" pretty much enthusiastic about my going to their place "BUT" as she was visiting her friend and with plans of "The red-bearded man" joining them meant he was not going home directly from "Barista". But as it was...i was left to decide whether i have a problem to visit "A's friend's house before crashing at A-U's place"!!!....with my rounds of "drama", A+U convinced me that it will be just fine and their friends won't mind my evil presence. So there i was "Hangla" as ever to hang around, reached "R's-The awesome driver" place...seated there were A, R, "S- a bit overexcited" and U and Myself joining them...puzzled i was to see them playing "Ludo". Well, the game had to stop with a winner and two on the card was "cards"...played quite a few rounds and was almost shocked to see the clock striking 11..." i still not hungry!!!"....but as it was...U had strictly directed me not to say a single word related to "food" and "drink" directed i was even suppose to visit the "Loo" only after asking and only if approved of the same. I did as directed.

So i was "A Good Girl".

Well...the story doesn't end here...the actual fun when i bounced with a YAHOOOOOO was the moment when "R" casually said that we should go for a dinner somewhere and then a long drive.....oooohhhhh....nothing more i could have asked for then and there....this time it was my turn to look down upon U as my deepest desire and dream was coming true in just a few minutes time...

We went out at around 12, after playing cards, loosing, winning, drinking and smoking (needless to mention "R- The awesome driver" he didnt smoke a single puff and didnt drink a single gulp). but we decided to have food first and then taking on "The high of the day".

We were at Jai Hind was awesome, though it was served a bit late (Tandoori roti, mutton kosha, mutton korma, dahi chicken, anda bhujji, green salad, rice, corn and palak sabji, daal)...Food was obviously good but what took my span of attention was a White Mercedes Benz. GOD...that was orgasmic...and i think i am just going lucky these while coming to the office i saw a black of the same species...

We went out for the drive at around 1, took lansdowne, AJC Bose Road..straight and off to the Vidya sagar setu, Kona Express way, Bally connector and then back....starry sky, wind blowing past, wide roads, silent night, good music and needless to say a careful and alert person on the wheels to drive you through the experience...(R needs a special mention for the way he drove)...

Then as U and A's unending adda...lyadh, and me peacefully going off to sleep lying between U and A...yahahahahha...."infringing the private domain"all together...... :D:D:D was fun...and i enjoyed it to the core....i could have asked nothing more.

*It was on Monday, that "Aila" struck Kolkata and the metropolitan city was not prepared enough to deal with the unseen but some-what expected massacre. At around 2 p.m. the day was called off in the i was more than happy to get drenched and hopp around the street and announce about the arriving of the "buses" to my colleagues standing under the shade. Needless to say, the weather looked just fine with proper conveyance provided to reach home and then without "electricity, cable network and water supply" faliure...i was among the lucky one to spend an evening without having to think much about "How devastating Nature can be when in fury"!!..My heart goes out for one and all who faced some irreparable loss..well, shameful to say, i did nothing to help the victims out of the devastating situation as one of my fellow blogger did.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Those Sunday Afternoon

Another Friday and then weekend...a Hurray....Saturday and days...48 as you want to what you want to do....

Today all of a sudden, memories of by-gone saturdays and sundays came to my mind....I was born and brought up in Daltonganj, Palamau, now in Jharkhand. A land to which bengalis (west-Bengal) can well relate to. The *(in)famous jungles (Betla Forest), pleasant weather, sparkling river(Koel), the red, sticky mud, scent of the mohua trees and flowers, beautiful sceneries and all that which nature could bestow to make a land look like a Queen.

Sundays till 2000 :-

We (cousins) used to wait for the sundays impatiently, the weekdays didn't pass by as it passes by today, saturdays never appeared in a blink after the routined home-office journeys from mondays to fridays. Saturdays, although, we had our "half-day" at school but that heightened the exitement for the weekend sojourn that started there-after.

Back from school at around 11, and during the summer, our afternoon activities didn't leave a single green mangoes on the trees. Some tried plucking mangoes by throwing stones and some technically superior mates used "Gulti" to get a sure shot at the desired target. For people who belonged to my category, plucking mangoes was easier as we could afford to select the most "fruit-full" branch of the tree, and therefore, choosing and getting the best among the lot was just about taking the risk to climb safe and thereafter the descending from the tree with bruised legs were not much to ponder over. We had a loyal company in this venture, "Jimmy" who would guard each tree from any tresspassers (sabji-waali, gowala to be specific) all round the week. The task of collecting the mangoes and then distributing among some younger cousins (cousins who were too small to climb or make a shot but stood under the tree with unfailing eagerness and enthusiasm) was more of a "responsible and elderly task". The mangoes were kept in the jhoori and would be left peaceful for the next day "EVENT".

The next day event would start in the late afternoon after having the dleicious "MANGSHO_BHAAT" for lunch and thereafter when parents and all elder members of the family drooled in the ecstacy of a summer afternoon nap, we cousins would take the charge of the "Ranna-ghor (kitchen) and the "Bhanrar-ghor"(store). The elder cousins took the task of peeling and cutting the mangoes and the younger ran to and fro the ranna ghor and bhnarar ghor to bring in the ingredients to prepare the most awaited finger-licking mango preparation. Ingredients to be brought in to prepare the juiciest of "aam-er chaat" included salt, red-chilly powder, Turmeric powder, tamarind (paste) and all that to make the preparation tasty and mouth-watering.

It was almost 4 by the time our Mango-chatka session got over and then we would sit near the main door under the stair and keep our ears open to a sound which yelled "KUUUUUUULFIIIIIIII Malai"....moment we heard this voice, all with our gathered pocket money, (which was a maximum of 20 rs. gathered from 7 cousins.) we would silently open the door and call the Kulfi-chacha. 20 rs. would get us 4 kulfis as big as the largest cornetto that we get today. The Kulfi-mania was not supposed to be carried on for long as we did this hiddenly. (except for a few days when all the family members would get up to treat themself with one, that was undoubtedly a party affair with 15 members smacking the huge KULFI).

Then at around 5.30-6 was the most awaited and dependent affair. we used to sit hurled in the garden, below the favourite "Gulab-khas" mango tree as it had a bench under it, or some smarter fellow would just run to help "dadabhai or chorda" clean the PRIDE of the town, "A Hoodless Left-hand drive Jeep". The expression on each one of our face while sitting under the tree, was so innocent and a smile so priceless that anyone would die for. At that moment if chorda or dadabhai would have asked us to jump into a think, we would have done so....Needless to say, ALL this for a trip to the "Betla Forest". A 20 km. (25 mins.ride- for the winding and pebbeled road) long ride, would take us to that paradise and then half an hour of pure fun with the monkeys, deer, peacocks, elephants and if luckier, would get an hour long elephant ride into the deep and dark forest with a halogen held overhead.

Ride back home, on the way, chorda/dadabhai would treat us with gorom jilipi and singara at their favourite Chianki bus-stop and then carry a plastic or two of singara and jilipi for the rest of the family members.

The days ended and we slipped into the dream destination only to reluctantly open our eyes in the morning to wait for the week to pass by and again the SATURDAY and SUNDAY to come fast.

*(in)famous jungles (Betla Forest): I say so because now it is really risky to visit the jungle after the sun set. children there no more get a chance to visit the paradise so frequently. the place is unsafe for both the localites and the tourists after a certain time of the day.