Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Zillionaire Tag

Ohhh....i am zillion times happy for the BIG ZILLION DUDE tagging me for the first time ever in my entire span here at blogosphere.....
even then, i am such a bitch that happiness can never overshadow my list of things that drives me crazy!!!!
1) Lack of Basic Etiquettes : Here i would like to give a special mention to the so-called "feminists", where they take immense pride in having a "Ladies Seat/Compartments" in the public transports but lacks the manner of making place or leaving the seat for some elderly man/woman, pregnant women and handicaps. Here i only want to make this point clear that if you think you are a "Femine-ist" try practising some "Humanity" first and then only will your feminism get elated without even getting a special mention an you can rise much higher even without a quota/special seat being alloted to you.
Well, having said that there are many other areas where people lack the most basic etiquette.
2) Lack of A Proper Dressing Sense: Believe me, your personality speaks all about what you are and who you are. Talking about personlaity, your appearance does matter...yes, trust me it does...but guys, before you raise your brows...you know wat...for a proper dressing sense we can always do with/out designer labels. what one needs to have a proper dressing sense means knowing what suits you the best and when "suiting" comes into the picture dresses with the "right" fit needs a special mention. Wear stuff in which you feel most comfortable and let the world feel comfortable on seeing you. if you oggle at some divas for the way they look, believe its not because of what they are wearing but how they are wearinga nd the way they are carrying it...to have a proper dress you need not spend fortunes...the regular/basic if worn perfectly does the job brilliantly. And same goes with accessorizing what you are wearing.
3) People YELLING to make a point: Guys don't shout...raising your tone and getting a cracked voice will never ever help you to make your point ...you can make your point in a whisper...but remember your "point" has to be strong and practical enough to be heard.
4) Insensitive people and people taking things for GRANTED: Why man!!!...if some one cares for you..why do you feel giving it back will cost you a fortune!!! you never took a back seat in hitting someone when they had hit you...so what pain does it take to say "You Care"!!!...Get that into your gesture...that will only help you ...and will never demean your royal existence.
5) People not respecting their service provider (milk man, newspaper wala, maids and all of them): Hey dude...remember if you could have done all that by yourself...you wouldn't have needed them. Just because you can't, you need them...so respect what they do and foremost..respect for who they are.
6)Bad Music and Bad Films : Trust me, with technical and technological advances that we have today, its really difficult to churn out the best of the least creative-genius you have in you. With the unparalled seven notes we have and the ability to hear, its really really difficult to go wrong here. Similarly, with the numerous events that we see, hear or exprience in our daily lives, its really difficult to make a bad story out of it... yes, for the technical parts there are trained people to help you out where you get stuck , but before that organizing your thought process is up to you and really no can help you on that....its you out there and only you...Try to proove yourself with the best that you can deliver with the least that you have ..there in you stand the "Genius".
7) Untidy rooms/home: Have you heard, "Home is where the Heart is"..yes, so the point well raised is that "My heart can dwell in the filthiest of place"....but take a note that is a point different all together...when you come back after your day's tiring activity, doesn't it look good to see a place welcoming you with all its warmth!!! Man, you are born here on the beautiful "Earth", which sure is a place envied by all other planets....so here on earth, where you get a place all for yourself...make it as beautiful as the bigger canvas. Believe me, this is a job which takes nothing...just a heart...and you get a "Home"...
8) Bad odour: Silence...Please get a "Deo" and a "Mouthwash", in your next shopping spree. Soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, if is already there..then start USING it.
9)Pessimists: Why CAN'T that happen!!!!!.....that will....you are the one who will make it happen..you have it in you to make it happen... try once...just once...
10) okk...the craziest thing ever...."The Confession" , that i am going to write after all the blabberings...it's not that i have practised it always the way i have described it here...but yes..above described are the ways i would love to see and practise....having said that...i would also like to say, that the moment i have deviated from any of the aforementioned paths..i have taken time to sit and analyse and wherever i have realised that i was wrong...i have tried to mend my ways....So things being repeatedly done without a proper "Realization", takes you no-where...analyse what you do...dont do things blind-foldedly.
okk..so here i finish...and after a week's time from when i was tagged. I pass it on to
and all those who want to take it....
You know wat...i appreciate these tags, and more when i am further tagging people, because i think there doesn't exist a more modest way to intrude into people's life!!!! taaging people with some personal question is like a sugar coated anti-biotic capsule....people (atleast like me) initially forget the trauma of unwrapping themselves in public....hey , i like that....Yooohooooo....
Take it on guys...be a sport.. :D:D
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