Wednesday, July 1, 2009

NOT a Review .. :D

I anticipated with bated breath after watching the trailor in some PVR in mumbai, when i went to watch a heart-breakingly disgusting YRF production sometimes in December. well, but with the cast shown in the trailor, i was not expecting much. Well, but of late i heard and read much about this movie. SO after a much-much long wait to visit those dark theaters (well i will definitely speak of my movie jaunts sometime later), this was the movie i chose to watch....(no prize for guessing..NewYork).

These YRF people know how to woo and teach their audience, at the least. The way they have their title card and crew list come on to the screen and the background portrayed, it really kind of prepare you mentally to expect "what" and "what-not". I really loved the helicopter-shot and the way they introduced the more-prominent protagonist of the film...the CITY in itself!! Even if some one goes to watch this movie without watching the trailor or having an iota about what this film deals with(which is impossible in today's world of striking and screaming publicity), they can atleast get a hint from the moment the screen becomes the director's and cinematographer's canvas.

Well, no point to debate on the subject chosen..yes much debated and conversationized subject that the 9/11 topic is, needless to say director Kabir Khan have done a real good job with a difference in it. Of much watched and said, a very few can actually think of making a film out of a sub-topic which remains almost under cover or not-so-much-discussed. (Having said that, yes, the sub-topic was also not unique but dealing it in the way it has been's good).

But people, you are going to watch a YRF production without expecting something mushy and "love-able"..then you didn't follow the trend of the productions catering to your entertainment zing since a few decades now.

And i can bet on the reason if people say they 'didn't like the movie'. I know, films, if only for entertainment and a medium to help us relax, we will definitely give the film a few more brownie-points, if, it satiates the most coveted and wished dream of "... and they lived happily ever after". Digression is even accepted in real world but when it comes to a fantasy land, it is expected the way, we have read and heard it from all the story tellers.

Overall, a good film and a good time chosen to release the film, (one more point, where YRF tops the list of all other prodction houses, that's where the "wooing" audience becomes more evident).

Katrina Kaif acted..ohh really!!!...Neil Nitin Mukesh, sure has it in him, needs much much more exposure, John Abraham doubtlessly is modest enough to say "I learn from every films i do"..he is learning it really and the graph always rose higher with each release.

Well, you can always go and watch this movie in the theater...the film can also save on your budget of popcorn and it will keep you engaged and you wont need to munch in order to pass the dark hours.

After watching this movie, my reactions:

1) As always, my love and respect for the YRF remains intact..inspite of some trauma-drama that they accidentally end up making.

2) John..i like him...well...i am not a blind woman to overlook his well shaped physique.

3) Katrina kaif is fine...i am too stubborn to appreciate someone i dnt like...well...i still recognize her for the near-good job that she has done...

4) Pritam undoubtedly has done an excellent work....KK, Mohit Chauhan..everyone is commendable

5) Irfan Khan....words are not sufficient to appreciate his talent.

6) Last but notttt the leasttt......."LOVE U...NEEEEEEIIIIIILLLLL..."..

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