Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's all in the Blood

Past: Born and brought up in a joint family and in a place which was (in fact, is still)deprived of all the blessing and curse of a city...

Present: Trying to make a living in this ever changing and fleeting moments of a faster life, trying to match steps with all running on one of those tracks.

Reaction: I feel so good and proud, first that i have a treasure of such a serene, soothing childhood.
Second, Atleast i am getting to know and learn the art to face and fight the ever intruding changes to make a mark somewhere, if no where atleast to myself.

ok..from here i take a different route altogether. As it is, people in every walk of life get to meet people and trust me on this when i say, each and every one leaves a mark on your dairy in one way or the other..well that is on a bigger canvas, on a smaller canvas and from what i have heard about myself from different people and then when i think from where did i acquire all these traits..i make a note of these people who come to my mind..

In context to the past and present:

Acquired from Grandfather: Ability to remember dates. (birthday, anniversaries and just a combination of a day and month...) but that doesn't mean i scored well in History as a student.
Past: Remembered birthdays and anniversaries of all persons alive or dead in the family and of the over-extended family.
Present: I remember dates and days on the basis of my attendance in the office, if i am at the office, it means its a weekday, if not it means a weekend.

Acquired from Grandmother: The "Laughter"
Past: People could locate me anywhere from that loud giggling laughter and therefore my cousins never wanted me to be there in the team while playing "Hide and Seek".
Present: The "Laughter" still times to forget the stress and at times to be in that most important "i am still in sync". (basically a self consolatory thing)

Acquired from father: "Lost in my own world"
Past: Lost in my own world, i ended up doing several positive and productive things, which included "study". I never scored less than an 95% till std. VII.
Present: Which i think started may be after VII std., i end up thinking what and what not. but no positive result to it, often "lost in my own world" means a "Blank-head".

Acquired from mother: Hand-writing
Past: Till std. X, if not for anything i was the uncontested student when it came to hand-writing. Each and every teacher knew me and still remember me for my hand-writng.
Present: Thankyou Microsoft Office, you have left me with no option. Handwriting now means making the monthly grocery list...if someone else carries the list to the shop, they end up buying only half of the things mentioned in the list.

Acquired from Mejo-kaka(uncle): Spic and span
Past: If for anything, no one could raise finger at me for an untidy room, study table, dress..whatever
Present: Cleaning house is a weekly affair now.

Acquired from Sejo-kaka: Quiet and Calm
Past: Apart from the "laughter" if i was made to sit somewhere, one can find me in the same place even after hours. No screaming and shouting-but yes, this was an early childhood trait, it changed over the years. :D
Present: Ask me to sit in a place and blink...i am gone.. :D

Acquired from Choto-kaka: May be the "vocal-chord"
Past: I used to sing for myself when i was not sleepy and then gradually the song stopped and everybody knew i was in my dream land.
Present: I think my memory does a better job of remembering songs...i dnt know if at all my vocal-chord will do any more justice to music.

Well, these are 1 trait from each family members which came to my mind while typing...and all the aunts, may be i dnt have a blood tie with you poeple but you people were always there and have taught me things which my mother might have not succeeded in doing alone to this stubborn girl.

Thank you all for that wonderful childhood i have had.

Not that evrything was good in the past and everything is dark at present...but this was just like a snippet how life has changed and you know, past always looks better in yearn for a brighter future..naa!!!
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