Thursday, August 5, 2010

Forwarded SMS vs. The Quilt .. ;-D

May be it wasn't necessary to discuss certain things...

It wan't at all necessary to tread down the memory lane and ask whether he remembered their first outing together!

It wasn't at all necessary to let him know that it felt bad when he took immense pleasure and got his ego boosted up with those frequent 'silent treatments'

It was not at all necessary to let him know that she remembered certain dates more than she could remember her first salary date/month and year

But it was necessary for her to get the fact reinstated that it was a deal sealed for enjoying certain physical intimacies.. she gave in "whole-'heart'edly" and he was there with all his might...

It was necessary to enjoy a certain thing with him and for once...'His Silence', which boomeranged on to him when he was casually being questioned initially and then he fell into the trap. She could almost see him crave for a shelter to save himself from the fury of the questions which she never intended to ask otherwise.

For once she made him suffer in his own 'Silence'. She gave a shit about the 'self-pity' reply from him, which read, "Honestly, I am to be blamed". She knew that she had nailed him atop, she knew it was like a conscious mind and brain going through the sheer pain of an amputated feet and hands.

One last sms she wrote, "Will be meeting Kruti over a coffee tomorrow. she want to tell me about the guy she is recently going around with, coincidentally, the guy's your namesake."

To this he sweated in the dark and cold silence of his room and she slipped into the warmth of her quilt while switching her phone into the silent mode with a smile and thanked some one for the meaninglessness of these stupid forwarded sms. Someone was caught tight and unalarmingly by sending a fake 'emotion evoking' forwarded sms.

Next morning she woke up to see 88 missed calls from the same number, her day started with a bout of laughter... for she knew not any Kruti in this whole universe.