Thursday, October 29, 2009


She walked up the stairs silently...she knew a tap of the heels would bring in the people of the adjacent apartments to the eye-hole on their doors.

She was walking up the stairs in perfect silence and shivered once on seeing him standing at the staircase landing. She waited in front of the 2nd floor apartment door as he went to the 3rd floor to get the keys for the 2nd floor apartment. She blankly stared at the door of the apartment on the 3rd floor.

she knew no matter how much she loved him, she would never be entitled to set her feet inside the apartment above, his actual "Home". She was even more sure that he would meet her at the second floor apartment only till the day, when someone more near to his life "socially" would be accepted heartily by his family members and will be welcomed to the warmly lit 3rd floor apartment.

Her silent cry went unnoticed with the screeching sound of the door leading them to the dark and cold apartment on the 2nd floor.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


It's been long that she has actually been the way she wanted to be. She laughed, danced and roamed as if it was her last day on earth.

Somewhere down she wanted to escape the wrath and fury of all that looked beautiful, pleasurable and jazzy, coz somewhere down she knew all that looked good had the darkest contours within.

Yes, she knew that the realization had dawned late, it was too late for her to accept that "nothing but opposite strikes", and this is what she wants to hold on all through. She somehow always managed to console herself with sweet words, knowing those were as meaningless, but this time she was sure she wont let the days pass by as the days that were already gone.

She bid her parents "the-all-Smile-and-Happy" Goodbye to turn around soon and be part of the gang whose giggles were tearing apart the grave silence of bidding adieu?

She laid in the bed as a stone remembering her mother's lap when she had a high fever, though would never let that precious pearl drop fall off her eyes???!!!!

She laughed at the joke her friends cracked regarding her being betrayed by someone she adored????

She just hung up the phone silently on realizing that the voice on the other side suddenly went low as she introduced herself???

Well, and many many more such instances where she reacted the way just to put up a "Strong-Self", little did she had an idea that the "Portrayed-Strong-Self" was one of her attempt to make the "Opposites Strike", which actually killed her.