Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Rendezvous with the Queen

May b only a few days to experience the grandeur, the royal majesty of "Her Highness"....well if i can start with quite chronologically, then:

1) Dadar station looked like some station on howrah-bardhaman main line. Bandra sea-shore looked awesome with sunlight gleaming on the silver water.

2) A ride on the famous "Mumbai-Taxi"..a fiat..and then on an auto, which is famous for the meter, watever it reads the commuter has to pay a rupee less...:D.

4) An afternoon in Mumbai...a huge city...HUGE.......but the suburbs look more like some small industrial town and complete in itself. Met Shivek - we were neighbours in that small and warm town, were classmate...after 10 years. First night in Mumbai.....the cold guesthouse....the city didnt sleep though.....

5) First ride in an auto...all alone...went to golu's place....ohh...u can travel a distance with 2o bucks in hand......they said Mumbai is a costly city!!!!!!well..more to c....

6) The reason for a step here and there in this city.... Axiom Education: shouldn't have peeped inside the glitzy curtains....knew something ...which i shldnt have had known then....neways.....but they said...mumbai people r not helpful.....they are snob.....:O:O(misconception and rumour pre-exists human)

7) The days went by....Juhu, Bandstand, Versova, Mud island, Andheri (W), Santa cruz....

8) Food still remains a problem....all the restaurants here serve drinks....i am still to experience.... Hey the "Mumbai lifeline" on weekends are just fine ....well, on weekdays they appear rowdy even to the daily passengers.....come on man..u cannot always look for loopholes....

9) More of you....

10) All the restaurants here serve drinks...mumbai people around make your life easier.....they rock......

11) COLABA, GATEWAY OF INDIA, THE TAJ PALACE HOTEL, THE LEOPALD CAFE, THE RESERVE BANK OF INDIA, THE MUMBAI HIGHCOURT, THE WESTERN RAILWAY HEAD QUARTER, HUTATMA in the part of the city where i am it????? the same city????u r not lying rite!!!hey Gorgeous......elegant old lady.....i am loving you.....i am in love.....they say...MUMBAI MERI JAAN!!!!!!!!they say it rite.......

12) Love you ...

13) Hey i looked back .......i think i heard my name.........u gave me all that i needed.....but "HOME-calling"..."Kolkata".

14) I dont know..if ever.....but i wish today.......may be once again....sometime.....may b....but definitely once .... if only once.......i kneel down to your honour

15) Love you....Miss u, i will not..... will be with will be with me.....

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

State of Bliss


Unwrapped Emotions....

may be again i have a reason to be....i really dont know "what"!!!!!!!..ok..write....neways...chuck it.....wat i feel....

Life teaches us numerous lessons which are either followed or are just kept aside...

"A good-bye with a smile" the worst lesson of all that "Life" teaches......

I mean we can just be straight and up right while expressing some emotions which are equally vital as the lessons....!!!!!!! ...


Thursday, December 11, 2008

It Rained

Like many other posts..without any reason, base, logic or anything....this practise might describe me......if observed...a creature marching on the earth, without a radar...aimlessly, baselessly, illogically.....well...not to continue on that line...

This time i am trying to jot down memories associated with songs....i am not trying to start in any chronological order, rather as it comes to my jagged memory.

Rite at this point of time, i am listening to songs of Metro and Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, (wat did you say???, u expected something very different from this collection???.....then i must say, u have stepped on to a wrong blog..this might not be your place...i am sure u will find greener pastures around..:-D)

Well, the songs from these two films, reminds me every act, weird act, i performed in the show-house called "Compare Infobase"...without fail i still say....the place definitely had the charm to woo many if not all...i was among "many" of them.

"In-dino dil mera" and "bol na halke halke" reminds me of those showers, which stood as a transparent curtains between me standing on the verandah and those distant green scape on one side and those concrete structures on the other side, just to mention one among the numerous shots that pass my memory scape within seconds, as soon as any of these two songs start.

The sessions at Xrong, i remember i heard JBJ's songs, for the first time. i remember the capris fitting me fine, the peach colored t-shirt just highlighting the contours of my body as those were, the long tresses, wet and smelling sweet becuase of that newly discovered shampoo and the fragrance that i always wore till then....

The walk from 95, southern avenue to Deshapriya park, Rahul's car waiting in front of the National High School, me walking towards the school, Debolina beside me...and then discovering the other two sitting in the car, unlike "all-drenched" debolina and me, they were dry as a date and were looking as proper as one can manage to look for some highly anticipated interview call after ages.

"In dino dil mera" also reminds me - loosing my favorite "Osho Chappal"...well, i have fetish for objects which helps me feel "lighter" ...;-D, the same osho chappal i wore to XRONG, the time i heard JBJ's music. well and then the other two sitting in Rahul's car didnt even notice that i was on my way to office, without any "footwear..and yes...i mean it...

This song also reminds me of the "special lift" in pisi's car...though at that point of time neither of us knew each other....moment i just entered with my soiled feet , i could hear the song...

Man, i took this song as a jinxed one in my always i think i was wrong.

the post to be per the delivery from the above jagged memory,...:D:D

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Winters in Daltonganj

Want to go to Daltonganj.....anytime between Dec.15 to Jan.15. why...????? Well....

1) Its my home town.....Duh

2) Want to appreciate the beauty of Nature, when tempearture is falling down to some 2 and 1 degree celsius..(well such a fall in temperature can also be experienced in many other towns and cities in India, but along with the natural beauty, the ever rising pollution level alomost comes free in this era of globalisation.)

3) I haven't experienced such a beauty in almost five years now.

4) Sudden gusts of rain...when the temperature is some 3 degree celsius.

5) Waking up in the morning which looks like evening because of mist and fog.

6) Leisurely stroll not a the afternoon, cycling through those dingy gullies and relatively broad streets where everybody looks at you as if they know you, but fails to figure at a go....and hence looks at you perplexed..and you often pass by...

7) Stroll along the riverside in the at around 4-4.30 p.m.

8) A sudden power cut on those full moon nights when you are sitting all covered in your woollens and under a blanket.

i mean..all the above experience can just afford to die after such a bliss.....

Friday, November 28, 2008


Few things never change.....even today, Rahul reaches Deshapriya Park at 8.15.....(source:.Reliable...My sincere thanks to the reliable source.)


I personally salute the spirit of this city. It shows us..Life "doesnt stop"....

Incessant fight (may be "WAR", this time) against terrorism, specifically, in one part of the city give other parts more vigour to fight out the general and minimal oddities of life......Life continues...only after a traumatic shake....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Standard Chartered

The last thing on earth on which one can write i guess.......:D:D:D...

Okk..identity of the same and why it stands so significant!!!!

1) My salary account for Compare Infobase Ltd. Kolkata.:D:D:D....(A workplace with all its oddities stood special in everyway.)

2) A proper bank account, may be the first one in 24 years.

3) Still remember the guy who came in with the bank papers when the account was being opened. (looked liked Shiney Ahuja..:D:D :P:P)

4) Never used to draw money from the bank ATM, instead used all other ATMs till a certain period of time....reason..because....the nearest bank ATM from my place or office could be reached in an auto..:D:D....

5)The day i realised, i have donated almost 1000, on an average, every month for almost 4 months, for the no.4 act....then on, i started loving the bank ATM, no matter how many autos i had to change...:D:D

6) Also lost the ATM card, "not lost really" it back from the shuttle driver, only after getting the same blocked from the customer care the time i received the old one, i have already applied for a new card..obvious...:-

7)Received the new card after four months address was that of Jharkhand and not Kolkata....which otherwise would have been back in my wallet within 15 days time....:P:P......

8)Religiously went to the Gariahat Branch every sunday to withdraw money during this period, when i didnt had the card.

9)Yesterday, 25th of November, 2008, i drew the last amount of money left in that account....and i have kept the slip safe...i will keep it forever....i dnt know..but i love the bank....the green, blue and white combination may b.....

10) Today, my birthday, again, as noted in all official documents, 26th of November, 2008. this bank has sent me an sms which goes this way..."Dear Customer, It's just another day, but this one is the best of the year!!Happy Birthday!-Your Right Partner, Standard Chartered Bank".....

11) True..."The right partner"...will miss banking with you......or may be banking on you...Good Bye..StanChart.....


....J.U r jonne mon kharap korlo...tai naam likhbo..jaader ghire oi duniya ta chilo.....jekhane ei shiit kaal gulo milan da e bose kete jeto.......chenchamichi, golpo, gujob, pechone laga, haansi, thatta, chote jawa...ei sob miliyei din gulo kete gechilo....

Nnaam gulo likhlam...britha chesta....thik parlam na.........

Aaaj dingulo ektu dhoyate hoye geche.....kintu sob sriti r modhye ke jaane keno oi din gulo konodin jhapsate hoyni...ekhono hoyni...hobe kina janina...hoyto hobe na.......

Ekhono mone pore....oi canteen er samne bose hoyto kono du jon mile ekta cha er bhaare..ekta choto golpo aar haansa haansi diye shuru hoto..tarpor ek-ek kore kotha theke sobai juute jeto.....diner seshe......jotla ta vivekanda hall er samne giye jomto.....bela goriye dupur, bikel periye sondhe..raat.....tokhun abar oi 8B morer chaaer dokan e..aarekta jomayet.....ei jomayet e university r jabotiyo chele meye thakto...jaara auto r line e dariye bari ferar ekta chesta korto....abar line theke beriye,....aabr cha khete khete, oi mathar opor rajnoitik bigyapon gulo dekhe, prochondo uttejito hoye, bhaar er por bhaar cha kheye..aaro 1, 1 1/2 ghonta deri hoye jawa....amar p.g. te dhukte aaro kichu ghontar deri.....arekta mithye kotha...ekebaare sottyi r moto kore......tarpore room e dhukei....soma r pechone lege...o ghumole or ghum bhangiye..nije kaan e radio ta chepe sei fyal fyal kore takiye thakte thakte ghumiye pora....:D:D:D

sei sokal er jotla taaye...english, ecomoncs, comparative literature, film studies er lokjon to thekei thakto....baki bodhoy edik odik theke aaro kichu lok juute jeto......sob mile jeto.....oneke oneker naam jaanto na...kintu tabole golper beg e konodino seta badhar shristi koreni...

mone pore.....baaje boka, shudhu boke jawa, maane-bihin boka......o-karone-karone haansi, loker pechone lege ekta odbhut aaram, moja.., lok ke deke deke khorak kora, tarpor cigg kinba cha ta onner naame milan daar theke newa....

hothat mone hoye..hoyto onno duniyar kotha ............bodhoi swopnoi mone hobe aaro kichu bochor baade......

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I feel like scribbling... and I will do so…

Today is my 26th biological birthday, and 25th ,officially. Well…should I consider myself lucky for that…I give a damn….

If asked..wat significant have I done in these 26 years of existence???

NOTHING…is the only answer that comes to my mind…rite now..and probably whenever this question will be asked..

Well…if I really make an effort to jot down….(real effort mind you):

1) Have bugged everyone irrespective of whoever I have known in these years. (They have never enjoyed it really…at times I have enjoyed bugging them, time it was my nature..and therefore it came naturally from me, unintentionally and they were naturally irritated..)…ohh…looks like I cared!!!!!! FART..

2) Have managed to gobble some stupid academic degrees..(does it help in life???)well…first class everytime…without fail…(do I sound like I am proud of those achievements??…yes I am…because I have nothing else to be proud of…)

3) Have managed to go to places for studies u c(Oh studious u mean!!!…and then work…:O…well the list comprises of Hazaribagh, Varanasi, Kolkata and now Mumbai…(So wat is the big deal mam????..nothing man..please note… I am making a list of my achievements..:-)

Achievements that were not welcomed but embraced me…

1) 26…. don’t have a proper, secure and stable professional graph and status..same applies to personal life…..(wooo…u mean ….wanderer????i see it mentioned somewhere else too in this blog.. :O:O) Bull shit..

2) I have not been to my home town almost two years now….( that is a point to be proud of!!!!:O…. why don’t I die????a question I often ask myself and people around me also ask…I dnt have an answer to it!!!)FART and FUCK OFF.

3) Have been cheated twice ….crystal clear…3rd is always on the way, I mean u dnt get to see the unseen and can expect anything, rite…….( know wat…i always tried Acting Smart and the bastards were always Smart….) being cheated… achievement… perpetual loss of faith and trust. Have acquired the great caliber to doubt one and all…still get cheated….because have been better still in doubting the wrong person.

Confession on this not resolutions..but I would definitely like doing these..sometime…may be in an year’s time..which would give me an opportunity to jot down some real achievements next year, I guess….(Keeping my fingers crossed)

1) Want to go to there….for at least 10 days….come back happy…do something that my parents expect from me..even the other family members…(what they want me to do at present is …GET MARRIED….., well, that’s a different interesting story altogether):D:D

2) Seriously man, high time..a stable professional life…personal, doubtlessly, I look forward to …I need both of that.

Ohhh….a big list of achievements……and stop self pitying and acting as a gyaan paapi….slut …….

My Birthday start with, as usual my card validity has expired on 24th November at 23:59hrs. My apology goes to one and all who tried wishing me at the mid-night, might be a very few...but whatever..and whoever.....

Strangely, 1st one to wish me on my b'day was,, i was surprised to see no sender's name along with the message but then realized what it was. second and without fail since last four years Amrita Di...she wishes me without fail and i without fail forget to wish her on her wedding anniversary which falls on the same date.....things remained the same even this year.

I am again dead sure...Satabdi Sengupta and Soma Mukherjee, ( that she is Mrs..she has more chores to handle I if i care....) these mortals have been taking pleasure in forgetting my birthday since three years now and everytime i remind them they come up with faces and blows of sorry feeling as if my birthday has turned into my death day. well, they sound clear and straight in not giving any excuses..(modest and honest they r u c)...and then dramatics like, " ki kore toke mukh dekhabo", " kore bhule gelam....chiiiiiiii" and all those stuff everytime i remind them of the same. well, this time i have given them a reason as to why they cldn't call...but let me tell you ...incoming messages r still free and those r coming in.

If i am not wrong, sarmistha and pallavi will soon follow the league...if not reminded by some other people...i think they will wish me mid way but only if they remember…..

neways..whatever it feels good...

Banashree was the first one to wish me last night.....

Well...improvement..satabdi remembered..she wished me...:D:D:D....not only that..has sent me a bouquet alongwith a teddy......very happy..but teddy ta dekhe ektu maane.....ahem....satabdi..bhalobasssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

acha ..correction..sarmistha has tried calling me up a number of times on my roommate's cell......thankyou..tomakeo bhalobasssssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii....

pallavi says.....i was suppose to remind her a day its been my fault that i didnt remind her........i c...

Soma...smartest ass...banashree called her up and reminded her........she messaged me at 2 in the afternoon...

neways....sobai k bhalobasssssssssssssssiiiiiiiiiii

Monday, November 24, 2008

Lost, i am

Mumbai, at times looks good, at times not sad, not depressing...but u know the city is so huge, my mortal being just fail to get the links to its over the centuries existence. . ..The grandeur of the city with my mere attempts to know it, fails to strike a balance in between. I am often left to wander "no-where" after travelling a distance of say some 30 kilometers over a span of two hours.

Well, i dnt complain, the city allure thousands with such vastness of its own and by which it definitely swears to the upcoming trend of lifestyle and living.

Only that i get lost ...i g haywire...i fail to find an identity of my own while moving.....

Thursday, November 20, 2008


ok.......i thought of putting this separately, though i cn club this to my last post.......but let this be a post where in i will gather ideas of wat ppl think about me...:D:D:D:D:D, another instance of being a MEGALOMANIAC..:D:D:D:D


amu: im half way thru being indif like u, purota hote parchhina

I liked this a bit too much...:D:D:D:D

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


"I" have come up with something that can be on "About me" on the profile , but i refrain from putting this there, instead i will take this opportunity to flaunt my self and will keep adding to this post as i discover more about start with , as u cn c and i will have ample to prove the first statement , which goes like this ...

1) I am a "megalomaniac"

2) I like walking off the shed, when its raining and its "calf-deep" water, coz, "ankle deep" doesnt make it exciting enough and when its "knee-deep", you have to put in a bit more effort to wade u c .."I" am lazy, lethargic..

3) I make myself sure that i dnt cry while watching the scene in Cinema Paradiso, where Alfredo says a few words to Toto, while he is leaving "Giancaldo", the words are as follows :
" Dont come back, dnt think about us, dnt give into nostalgia, forget us all. Whatever you end up doing, love it, the way you loved the projection booth when you were a little squirt".

and after the scene gets over, i feel a lump down my throat.

4) Of late, i often realise the fact that our parents are mortal being like anybody who leaves for eternal bliss.

5) I love sipping Frappe Hazelnut with a smoke, specially when i am sitting alone in that corner of the Lake Road Barista.

6) i have argued and have been rude to all at some point of time, except for one.

7) Nowadays, i feel like stopping half way while introducing myself to someone, may be because i have lost patience of introducing myself in all these years with the same to say.

8) I enjoy sitting with all those who can talk non-sense for hours uncounted and then can sit fr hours without a word. The best thing neither i nor they feel the urge of speaking or moving on just because silence intervenes, these are the persons whom i call friends. (they also call me the same. i am sure).

9) I was fat and i didnt care, i am fat and i think i care, but i have started loving cheese and butter all the more.

10) I miss my school days, because of the place, i miss my college days because of the hostels, i miss my university days.

11) I love dogs, calf, rabbit and tortoise and poking my friends, pulling other's leg and laughing at myself when the gang does so.

12) I remember walking with the ice cream in hand on a winter night after having a dinner with a few.

13) I like the "Southern Avenue" stretch to Golpark and the lansdowne stretch till Deshapriya park.

14) I love getting up in the morning and evening on a call where in i get to know that there's a get together organised by some at any nearby coffee shop.

15) I love when people give me names and call me by those names.....gejo, gaju, chimp, panu, mota, timo.....anyname......

16) I haven't been to Daltonganj fr almost two years now and i avoid going there, for i still have the habit of expressing.."Everything is Fine with me, I am not sad"..while bidding that good bye even after 10 years of staying away from home, "I really dnt feel fine and feel sad" at that moment..i think even here i understated wat i really feel. ....i feel the same lump down my throat as mentioned in point 3.

17) I love shouting and partying mentioned in point 8

18) I love talking to myself .

19) I like when people about whom i care, scolds me.

20) At times i like the way it is, at times i hate the way it is.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mumbai is looking Good

A very frank and a rude statement i will make....

I am enjoying Bunny's and Golu's company to the fullest here in Mumbai for the undermentioned reasons....(At times one of my roommate can also be counted here in the list):

1) They are the best with whom i can be myself because they are at comfort being themselves.

2) I can enjoy the way I want to because we have a similar definitions and idea of enjoying.

3)Going out with them doesnt mean i will have to just move around, they are as good foodie as i am ( if not, then loves drinking) and therefore i enjoy eating and drinking with them no matter where it is.

4) Not only that they try not to be formal, they are not formal because they cannot be formal, atleast with me.

For other's, here in Mumbai, you people either try to be very formal with me or over friendly. I hate both the attitudes.

Another One..:D

U can afford to be nostalgic when :

1) You are sitting with some sensible old pals, by "sensible" i mean some who has faced the same situation in the same way as you have faced it, (as in moving out of home town and stuff like that or from that cozy comfort zone of the past, to be precise... but then when u say that, everyone claims to have a rugged present topography plain and simple....People whom you think will understand and can contribute or to the least will be a good listener to the topic or act of being nostalgic.

2) You are sitting with the same guys boozing and smoking on the terrace on an October night under starry sky say after an appraisal or just the night before when you all are going on a 10 days trip to some hilly regions.

3) You are travelling, specifically in a train and heading towards the place you love... for anything, as in you are travelling where in you are expecting fun and you are just happy about going to the concerned place.

4) You have something where you can jot down your memories.

5) you are alone because you are happy or you are happy that you are alone.

Look for the above conditions, you can afford to be nostalgic because that wont make you cry, instead, it will give you an opportunity to feel good about your past and therefore trying to make a present and a future of which you can be nostalgic about in the distant future.

Well, end of this crap...i thought this see.. i had something where i jotted it down....:D:D:D:D

Friday, November 14, 2008


I am writing a blog now...because
1) I am writing one
2) I am not feeling like working
3) I am tired of writing sense
4) Ilove this blog thing
5) I am in a mood to nag, but i see no one interested in listening to the same.

1) The kolkata people write the best blogs (I strictly mean only YOUTHS from KOLKATA....and u do count me among youth, not necessarily Blogger....)

2) The JU, Presidency and the Xavier's people write the best blogs(I mean anyone who has even visited any of these places even fr a fag counter.)

1) Trying to take this commercial capital of India on blogosphere by writing one from the location.

Kolkata..i LOVE......Mumbai...I MIGHT LOVE someday......and u have to care about it...

Minima Dark

Back to my old template.......the only reason i think this template supports as in stands as a good enough background for both serious and crappy things......

The one to which i switched over ...seems as if it's only for serious stuffs (as in the look of the template)....i dont blame......

I'm happy.....:D:D:D

B" folllowed by an "U"...

i have discovered .......any word where a "B" is folllowed by an "U"...the word utters a way or of my experiences..please dnt take it to your heart)

1) Bus: I mean BEST
2)Butt: Either of that Fag about which you wonder where to put it...or just that BIG ONE.
3) Bun: Pav as they call it here in Mumbai.....:X.....How can a city survive on this round eatable thing????
4) But: makes a sentence crooked and i hate that..(i mean that stupid If..But Chemistry).
5)Burn: The one that happen when you are Jealous of someone.
6)Burlesque: Why misrepresent someone??

A few exceptions:
Bud or Buddy: symbolises hope.....

Oh wat realisations.....i feel proud...:D:D:D


You know wat..i feel like writing when i am reading other blogs, when i see other's and my blog , when i read the most simple and commonest of things that some one has jotted down .

But i dont feel like writing on this blank space.....give me something that is similar to the template, on which, if i scribble, will give me sense that i am writing it on the board.

I know this a wish too much..but wats the harm!!!!!!!!...:D:D:D:D:D

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

To You

Had i been in kolkata i am not sure whether i would have gone to the 14th Kolkata International Film Festival or not. But irrespective of that, now that i am not in kolkata, i am missing the event, i will miss the event and i will keep missing it for reasons plenty. I will miss it for the next seven days, may b till the next year, may be anytime till amnesia hits me.

This event reminds me cliched (ly) of an opportunity to watch films....goes without saying, but a number of other activities that used to keep me really busy - i will be missing those.

I will be missing those poke that i got for not making it to one of the good films of the festival, poke for just sitting idle when all were too enthusiastic to watch a certain screening, poke at the moment when realization has dawned on all others that they have also missed a film just because of the contagious lethargy.

I will be missing end number of people whom i met only during those seven days. I will be missing just a "hi" from someone whom i had met years back and then a sudden pleasure of meeting them again, may be just for a fleeting minute if not second. I will be missing the center seat in the "Nandan Complex", where neither you nor any one can miss each other's presence, i will be missing those "just-sit-beside" conversation and eventually ending up being another prominent acquaintance in each other's list.

I will be missing moving out of a hall, creeping, on not liking the film. I will be missing saying a lie to someone about a film which i havent watched on a positive review about the same hitting my ear. I will be missing saying a lie about watching a film from the start to the end, in which i have actually slept through the whole film.

I will be missing those last shows and then waiting for a taxi for just an hour, may b it was nt about getting a taxi it was just about spending another hour discussing about the day and the days to come.

I will miss the cold breeze, i will miss the chill of the halls, specially Rabindra sadan and Shishir Mancha.

I will be missing u all, i will be missing it all....but i think i will like missing it for that will give me sense of how i enjoyed "Something", which i never realised.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Me being a jerk have come across many who are plain escapists and son of bitches....and if i am not wrong i am turining into both an escapist and a bitch.....:X:X..really annoyed on everything and everyone around...:X:X...first.. on myself

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The surname game

Changes in these surnames:

1) Duttaray --> Chakraborty

2) Mohanty -->Parija

3) Hatimuria --> (wld b..) dnt know

4) Mukherjee --> Gupta

5) Sengupta --> NO IDEA

Well, as inference can be easily drawn, or if not, the above mentioned surnames (the first ones) were all tagged to the persons who were my "Friends".

Well, the first three just changed, leaving not much impacts on my existence. The surnames were rolled in and rolled out just as the role of those people in my life..nothing great.....came in and went away....were there till my eyes could see them....were out of my mind moment they were not may be i will just refer them to as roommates that they were for 1 year and the contact game was intact till the change in surname.

Well, the change of the 4th on the list will definitely have a greater impact on my life in compared to in any other surname getting changed in this world.

Mukherjee, Soma Mukherjee to Soma Gupta, As her husband's Souvik Gupta....

-- I know her: since circa 2000
-- Roommate: 2000-2002, again 2003-2005.....4 years.
-- Stayed in the same city : 2000-2008.

Yyes, thats the number. 8 years of togetherness, friendship, hatred, love, disgust, well being, pleasure, displeasure and all emptions that a person can have in a span of 8 years, per se, every emotions were exchanged and were noted on each other's existence.

Ok...she stood witness to all my highs and lows....she knew better than me when i was happy, she knew better than my parents when i was sad, she knew better than anyone, when i was not in the right mood. May be, one get to know a person better than anyone else when they have to spend 24/7 with the person under the same roof.

Well, we had to put up at different places, during the later years as per the call of the situation and time. (May be that was just an epilogue to the time coming..).

Our rendezvous or should i say meetings or dont know wat xactly, was carried on holidays, sundays, saturdays, even if not regularly, yes, sporadically. One and some more things for sure, we knew if there was no one we were just a call away from each other. We knew if we dnt have any plans to spend the day, we cn just call up and plan out somethig which will definitely make the day more interesting than any other days. We knew, we wanted to watch a movie at the night show and if we dnt get a conveyance after the show gets over....we cn walk down the lane or any distance just with the craps, silly laughters and what not.....We knew we can laugh at the silliest things for hours, we knew we can discuss the most serious things in life, that we considered serious enough, fr hours, we knew we can wake up wither of us no matter how deep sleep we r in.

But having said all doesnt mean..we never fought, we never got tired of each other, at times we wanted "Not to be with each other"....and the reunion was never a reunion, the hatred or the disgust didnt change just in a second.........we hated each other for the silliest reason, we were irritated on each other just because we had no one around to vent that irritation out....yes.."Punch Bag" they call regrets for the fights, no tears for the times we werent together. .....we tolerated each other's oddities as it complains......... we enjoyed just the way we were with each other.

Now if i sit to think...wat about those loud laughters while watching a movie? Wat about those fridays, saturdays and sundays..when we knew we were definitely there to be with each other, willingly or unwillingly??!! Wat about those night shows, which when ended saw us laughing for getting no conveyance way back home? Wat about those sudden mood swings or irritations when i knew you were there where i can vent out all and all would just set in perfectly with an equal jitter from the other idea......

Well, things changes, circumstances changes and people always find their ways out.....certainly i will, may be with your help.......

......And for the change in the 4th surname ....i really have no idea as to what will happen.........only i can hope and wish, not to witness the effect of that change in the surname and then residing in the same city.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Miss Lee

Well..a bit happy and a bit nervous..seems like adrenaline is pumping it out real fast.....the reason....well nothing so much ...but just in case if u r really interested.....will leave soon to collect the Lee Jeans, that i bought yesterday. Left it at the store to get it altered....coz the waist and height proportion is a bit disproportionate in my case...:D:D

Know wat..went to the store..and blatantly asked for "Waist: 36"....more blatant was the answer from the sales boy.." 34 is the last size we have"....

All expressionless expressions and reactionless reactions, were just about to take the center stage...i intervened....err.."sorry i mean 34..., straight fit, mid rise.."

Undoubtedly, the sales boy went into some bouts of doubts to get me a jeans that matched all the criteria..took out 2 pairs from the rack....i ran into the trial room....didnt like either of them a bit.....came out...handed the jeans over and made it a point to make the point straight and sound..."Not the right fit"....

About to leave....with much of a snobbish reaction on face...but a little disheartened....."I want to buy a Jeans and that has to b branded one......thats it.....

Almost on the verge of the exit line...voice broke the silence.."try this one...just once...its 32, straight fit and not mid but low rise....."

"well" ...snatched the jeans...ran into the trial room...

2 minutes.... fits me and fits me right.....yupppiieeeeeee........

Ran to the cash counter....paid it and left it to get altered.......and now i am rushing get that altered thing.... after a long-long span of 5 years...bought a jeans....(when i think i wont bloat anymore..but thats an assumption)...for now i am off to get myself stamped as "Miss Lee".....:D:D

Unfashionably Fashionable Shit

Unfashionably Fashionable Shit.. is all that i can say.....

Things those i liked in the film:

1) Kitu Gidwani is still beautiful in compared to the "MODELS" in the film.

2) Arbaaz Khan always manages to get a drop dead beautiful wife...either offscreen or onscreen......he looks for "Show Stopper" u c.

Things i didnt like..:

1) The-not-so-fashinable -"Fashion".

2) Priyanka Chopra: the small town girl, the struggling model, the successfool model, the "kicked-out" model, the "Plaster of Paris-ian Model-with a dead dumbo and expressionless face.

A few question:

1) Kangana Ranawat<=> Gitanjali Nagpal??????

2) I knew all eligible bachelors r either gay or engaged....(but i had no idea that these eligible bachelors are all mumbai based fashion designers.).. okk..i understand...had this not been the case, then an upcoming fashion designer remains straight forever, because the relatively settled designer needs to marry a "girl" because of some societal and familial pressure, and his "that-partner" of the struggling days gets hooked on to the present day struggling designer......Is this the formula???????.....Shit man....what hard luck!!!!...he always gets hooked onto struggling designers and not so settled ones. DAMN!!!!!

Last question:

3) Is there so few "Open" topics left that directors need to now focus on "Hidden-World" topics????? more plzzz......

4) Do directors need to keep their so-called "in the line" actors always happy...that even if it is not needed they have to be there on the screen including the director himself ..well , i think this is a way to get a stamp of "Modesty" that "yes, i made a film on this subject" or may be it is a silent and clever way to let the Dumbo target audience know that the film deals with "THIS" subject????

At last, no more question and a few confessions:

1) I know innumerable people around who are "GAY" and i am absolutely comfortable and hold no judgements for anybody's sexual orientation but dnt u think, Bhandarkar is portraying this relationship more forcibly, or may b just for the sake of it...or may b he portrays on reel what he cldnt portray in "Real"...iiiiiiikkkkkkkkkksssssss!!!!??????

2) I think, one should stop digging into the "Not so open world", and can also try to prove his metal by being either "a mainstream film maker" or a "Not a mainstream film maker", dangling between the two makes it difficult for the audience to mark the film categorically. (No, i tell this because people tend to look for this classification that makes their topic of discussion easier, though the distinction line between the two genres is still not clear to me.......:D:D

Monday, October 20, 2008

Just Like That..:D

Hi, another day in the office...using the resources to satiate my personal urge of writing the blog....sounds nice, na...:D:D:D

You know was one of those days....which went with a bit of portrayed and a bit of natural tension, both on the personal front and on the professional front. Personal tension was to lose the weight of my big fat ass in front of all my team mates, if my PL screams at me and tells me that whatever i did was wrong..(Though i thought..Nothing could b even be 1 point better than what i did)..and on the professional front my tension elated on the fact, what if my PM comes and tell me to empty that seat and take off my big fat ass from the chair and move out of the door...well, not for a smoke this time but for good......:(:(

Thankfully.....everything went right in place and my fat ass is still stuck to the chair from where i am getting an easy access to the keyboard on which i am punching ...:D:D

Well some more.....i debated with someone more harshly and went on to prove my point... that even if a company pays less to one who is desperately looking for a change..Its fine...and no sooner that he went offline...I realized whatever i said sounded really meaningless and funny.......sorry....i mean it…(......i didnt mean that as in the salary conversation.....later...but yes....i did realise what you said was correct and what i said was wrong.....but dnt u think it was partly in what i more on that ......but you know wat!!!! we debated on this and none of us are actually the victim of the financial wrath that the world is facing.....we both are paid to our satisfaction.... and i am more than satisfied....:D:D:D:D...u need to kill time u c..and u also need to keep the other person hooked on to the chat...what if the conversation ends and the “Goodbye” comes in...:D:D....i kept the "Good-bye" at bay for say atleast for 1o mins....wo!!!Good job done...:D:D:D...but now i fear more....what if he doesn’t talk to me thinking i am a mindless fucking old soul....:(:(:(:( i am not...take my words here...and put off all that i said some hours back.........:-

Next in my eventful day was the "Leg-Pulling session".....we didn’t loose even a single second to get a butter masala done out of the already masaledaar gossip.....some one trying to console someone who is "thinking of settling"....and we the pokers..:D:D:D:...where do we get the information from????......obviously...if u scribble your personal longings and "DESIRE" on a public forum...did u say it was our fault to come across those desires and longings..then...HELLO.....we are "just friends” and can simply go on to other friends scrapbook to see if we are made the protagonist of the bitching session...well in the meantime if we get an opportunity where on a male's scrapbook we get to c mushy scraps from some female.....we see an opportunity to get another female getting introduced in "Our Bitching Session"...and as chance and luck had it for us....yeah...we got one...but u c we r too good to say someone a bitch......we just took the thread of scraps to put in some of our valuable scraps on the person's scrapbook......what harm did it do???? only increased the number of scraps in the scrapbook...thats it....;-)

And my day ended happily with loads of work and paper still lying on the desk untouched...well that has to be said..or else you will get an idea as if my company pays me just like "re"..(in a typical marathi tone)...its not like that "re"..:-

Well, will surely come and do some heavy works tomorrow, (apart from organizing the piles of paper lying..which is literally a heavy work)..and will wait and browse through the net for sometime more to c if he is online and if i can just say...yes yes....its bad if a company takes a new employee for granted and pays him less.....yes i mean it........

till it seems i am in a lighter mood....and this post is different from all that i have on my dashboard…:D:D

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I owe you...... start with....still in office.....but...not feeling like working...but the urge to scribble can seldom stop one from penning or rather "keyboarding"...-(thats copyright..u c)..:D:D..... down the abstracts of life and thoughts.

Well......since the last time when i made you my confidant for many an events that my life has witnessed......i traversed a long way.....physically.......unknowingly but intentionally. Know what!!!!.....I still remember the moment when i vigorously uttered the word "YES" for a sesion in Mumbai............. Yes......i was disturbed, irritated, disheartened, disgusted for the way your appealing charm reciprocated to my love. On that note, I just happened to discard it all, to move on to a place which would satisfy my urge to know something new.

Just in a moment's blow i wanted to shut my nose to the aroma of the Nahoum's at the New Market, and on the hindsight I was clear of my conscience of holding on to that single breath till last. i wanted to shut my eyes off the sight of the setting sun against the backdrop of the majestic Howrah Bridge or the magnificent Tech-smart buildings of Saltlake. I wanted to shut my ears to the fading honks of the cars running past the Science City to reach its destination office. I didnt wanted to feel that heat and then to relax and enjoy the cool showers that the clouds showered in the months to releive people from the harsh humidity.

Moment i said yes to the city that swears by its "Aqua-Beauty".....i knew i was going to miss the smell of the flowers that were never seen blooming but made their presence felt with the aroma far away, i also knew the righthand corner of "Xrong" would be devoid of the smoke i puffed and the crude loud laughter. I knew, the stretch from 95, southern Avenue to the Deshapriya Park stoppage would not get to see one of its daily commuters. Just a blank stare at the hanging verandahs of the houses in the Lake Market would look out for that missing glance . A walk to the Deshapriya Park and a "sitting idle" gesture would just be off with a whistle that the train would blow.....i knew i was going to miss all of this with you, who witnessed all my eccentricities and absurdities to the fullest.

But know what...moment i threw myself to the unknown grasp of the majestic aura of the Beach city.....your colonial brilliance was something i was not looking at, those sights i wanted to wipe off my memory board just as the smoke touched the roof of the College Street Coffee House, just as the last sip was slrupped by some at the T3 at the Park street corner or just as the last ray of the setting sun was wiped off with a single movement of the clock's minute hands.

Well i must admit, am looking forward to the day, when i will surely get a chance to embrace your magnificence and you will embrace me for the eccentricities and activities that you will again laugh at or just think about or just move by ignoring it. I miss you for all that you are, for the mornings where i woke up to your alluring tea and coffee shops, which ranged from a road side tea stall to any Barista or Flury's. For the afternoons where you attracted me to the table with foods that defined your authenticity and originality, for the evenings where friends could just stand and say a "Hi" to have a counter puff, or just the night to end the day with some ever nostalgic melodious voices being aired on the radio.

I wish to come back and i know i will for you, your serenity, care and the powerful Love that you ushered on me, u should know i will come back to you and be game till eternity to be with you.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Well, this is for a cause and a reason i am overwhelmed about and feeling from the core of my heart. Kolkata Sojourn of almost more than five years now, will experience a certain break. Well, this sojourn to the city of joy was with certain motives in life, certain dreams strewn to existence, certain expectations, excitements, hopes and everything more to the process called "LIFE".

A lot of lessons learnt and taught.....lessons to hold on, to move on, to start with, to end at and so on and so forth. Sometimes i loved the city in a way as if it stands dearest to me and at times just wanted to break free the chains of comfort and move out. Well, the later occurred only a few times but the former defined the way of life i led for more than five years.

I remember times, when i just couldn't think of an incident occuring in my life and the city not standing a witness to it. How dearly i held this joy to my heart. Anything and everything that defined this city made me happier if not happy.

This city on its first appearance unveiled its beauty as one basking in the shade of the setting sun as if the sun cared not to glare harshly upon which would hurt the serene beauty of the lad standing veiled to the strenuous world, yet letting in everything without interrupting themotion of change creeping in. The golden charm of the city appealed to me in any form and at any time of the day.

The sun, hitting straight, the multistoreyed building opposite the huge maidan, the Victoria Memorial standing with all pride and vigor, the trams rattling by, the buses plying only to stop at the signals and then making a queue to move by with all those gittering noise and leaving one in the dark clouds of smoke from behind. Well this was an aspect of the city, where it portrayed itself at its best.

Another look of the city which not only appealed to me but also stood staring at me for more than two years were the pale yellow walls of the buildings in the Jadavpur University Premise. The broad staircases, the lifts with the collapsible gates, the bridge on the lake, the sun-heated cement seats of the canteen were the structures which knew our hideouts better than us, who stood as the silent witness to all the craps of the bunkers sitting and dillydallying to moments uncounted and unnoticed with the cups, to be precise the bhaars of cha and smokes of ciggarette blowing high to reach the unknown and unseen fate and and hold on to the dreams dreamt. Adda, bhaant, golpo, gujob were all an integral part of the mere existence.

With numerous new faces passing by, some standing to observe others, some sitting to just let the time pass by, and everything so dear to heart.....last but not the least what i can say about this city and dedicate to is.........."You stood as the teacher and critic for everything and most important lessons of life, which only experience could teach and you took the role of changing the scene to help me learn more and make the play most interesting."

Monday, September 1, 2008

Doors Opened to Show the Dreams Getting Materialised

Ok if i get back to a work that i used to do, say, 3 yrs back (definitely with a personal touch)....ok..let me write wat i felt about "Rock On". start with....."If GOD has an entity of a male and therefore by sheer chance or luck... if is handsome.......then its "ARJUN RAMPAL"........"

The film....well portrayed the dreams and the aspirations of people when they are in their youth and the way it fades away with time and situation. A group of four enthusiasts moves in to start a rock band......with events and achievements and failures intertwined the dream breaks to hit hard the reality........well, as i perceive it...something breaks to reunite in a more solid happened in this film too....

All the four reunites after a span of 10 years when all were settled in their own way..more basking in commercial success than realizing their dreams and heading forward to achieve it. One an investment consultant, two managing their paternal business .....but one with ease and other facing the failure in its own way, the fourth one stands mid way between realizing his dream and giving it a commercial touch....needless to mention, success kissed them after facing a bitter experience of a fight of egos and some one gaining a bit more importance by taking the risk of making certain unfavorable decisions. Finally, after all bitter tatse they were destined to taste the sweetness and magnanimity of the dreams revived and giving it a real touch. They di prove their metal to the world.

Well, if not to analyze the film critically and trying to relate to it i can say, one just gets blown with the need of the situation and call of the more "real" time. Today at this junction i can only say, look back to a time where you have left your dreams unfulfilled and happiness uncherished..when you are in a position to call your dreams and give it a shape which it deserved and which shows you a sign of success that you wished to see long back......well stands the quote in this scenario..."better late than never".....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Constant and Rapid

Its really been long that i have scribbled or just jotted down my thoughts here in my blog. Today its nothin special, but just another day in my life, I feel like speaking something..something very absurd may be, but just feeling special reason.. nothing.

Yes but i am feeling a bit different nowadays for having certain things changed for better (or i dont know may b a prelude for the worse....God forbid), though temporarily, on the other hand some things are worsening at a ligtning speed......however, life never seems to stop or move accordingly, times it really feel strange to observe that its this 'life' that brings in all happiness and at times sadness (though unwanted), but the moment when you want to live accordingly you are just helpless...Life moves on as per its own rhythm as if not caring for what has creeped into your "Life" to make you feel happier or sad.

Needless to mention, i was blogging quite more frequently and regularly when i was again experiencing some bitter truth in my life, i sought repose from those clammers by writing here in my blog, thoug there was nothing related to the incidents happening, but, i dnt know how, believe me, i did find some kind of peace and repose in doing so.

Today, its not that the things have got better or that the darker times have shed off to bring in new light, but may be in some way or the other i have succumbed to it, i have got used to it, may be i have become numb to it (but having used the word "numb", it will be wise and safe to mention ........only for the way it is at present, if it changes again even by an inch, i will again have to make myself understand and start getting acquainted to it in all new way...again that will be a task in itself).

If change is the only constant, let changes come in so rapidly so that you dont even get a time to sit and really ponder over the it is..the past always looks beautiful and good in compare to the unknown future and the so called "Vulnerable Present".......

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dazed and Amazed

life changes with every step we take..not for good or bad..but it changes......changes in a way where past looks distant and u r embraced by the present in such a way where future looks far fetched.....well, without changes even ......this feeling occurs to every human being..may b..may not b .....neways....

suddenly am reminded of the days when i first came to this "City of Joy"...was literally new to everything and every places.....and then......seriously had no idea...that i was here to live at least for a stretch of five years.....may b more.....

still remember those people of whom some became friends and some stand as strangers..just within a span of half a decade.

University campus, P.G, classes and a trip or two to some of the acquaintance's place, all these and everything trivial was among the chores of the day. Too busy, buying fags from the cigg shop outside the gate, attending classes with drooling eyes, ears tightly shut down to the worldly affairs and the lessons being taught, or simply swaying away time talking to people, visiting the canteen, numerous "bhaars of taltale cha" as we called..but could never think of going to some other tea stall. so this were the 14 hours spent in the campus and then the rest 10 hours in the P.G room....... sleeping or remembering the past hours or contemplating a story to be told in the adda session tomorrow........and wat not......looking to those faraway stars with radios glued to the ears, for all other were asleep at mere 3'o clock in the night.

may b the days ended in a continuation....

this life had to ended....not at all was it a surprise... for demanding a bliss for two years is more than any happiness that u cn expect frm the unseen fate.

Guess the hang up continued for another 6 mnths or an year......this was the period where life got acquainted with somethng that ppl said "makes one's life"......campus cldnt allure much those days....some 45 mins trip was somethng that i looked forward to whn the days started and ended just in a blink......well, the episode too ended in a blink..... though not much to remember, regret or fel too good or happy about....but definitely was an expeirnece in itself......and then the feeling of "losing the priceless" was hurting..but as they said....and i too accepted...."nothing special"...happens to all....though cldnt really said...."was special to me" everythng u feel or see for the first time definitely leaves a deep impact...good or bad....but it does....and as usual life moved on c brighter days moulded in a darker clay pot.....

thn came the days of some serious works and fun intertwined......enjoyed the times..undoubtedly.....

but somehwere down the definitely moved on with unintentional and carefully careless grace but feelings and emotions could have stayed the way it was.....bland is somethng that hurts u less, apparently...but for the feelings as it is ingrained ...nothin really gets off.....only life becomes a bit difficult....while posing with a facade and without it..though at rare occasions.......

Sunday, June 29, 2008

make yourself indispensable for the one who uses you

Ok…It feels much weird to write on something or anything at this odd hour…its almost 2 a.m….but I just feel like scribbling down that is running through my mind rite now….i dnt know whether it will work as a token of my irritation or just stand as a testimony of the present hour in the future…bt yes I feel like writing and therefore I will write it……the radio plays…….”Woman” and I am enjoying every single bit of it……..

This time I have pledged not to write on anything that hurts me….rather I want to give a bang on answer to everything that hurts me and that bothers me…..i know writing this wnt stop me from bothering any more or any less…….bt simply..i will scribble down because I feel like writing just at this moment ….and I know I will write this whole thng on an equally stubborn and stern note….. yes, consciously enough……

Look….if you think some one is using u……only make it a point to make urself indispensable fr thm throughout their life……..none of the bastards hav ever been happy and therefore they wnt make u either…..they are a bunch of problem roaming around and making the whole situation worse fr one and all….and u r no exception……

If they want to walk over you….make yourself their “feet”……….where you make them walk and make them stop…..where if u r injured, your amputation makes them not only feel, but truly handicap…..

If they want to hold u back…make yourself “water”… that u dnt stand bt ur flowing away definitely makes it a point to make them feel…that something is flowing, moving away….bt at the end of the day whn thy complain abt your not being wth them….ask them to feel their wet hands……..u cn no way better teach them a lesson……for their lies and meaningless craps….this cn possibly b the correct and well deserved answer and a slap on their face……

If they want to feel u……..make yourself their senses…..…. they are then just a “null” without u…..just an “object” as they made u feel and as they have treated u……….

I know every person reading this mite consider me unsound…….but…..who cares man……no point bothering on tags frm ppl who really dnt know their existence as a “human” …..……

Bt at the end I wld like to say…. anybody…who thnk this to b a possibly right answer to all the tantrums fr their ever-more nagging “companies”….let me tell u that at the end of the day…u will have to struggle harder to prove yourself in any of the above possible way…so better remain to them as u r……and keep on giving into their tantrums……coz at the end of th day……they are too insensitive to feel even this change…..

And always remember……its nt that the nxt will b better……they all wl b the same…..coz they are rightly termed “insensitive” …….they wll cntnue to b the same….bt if ever u feel tired….just “FUCK THEM OFF” to get ur sanity revived….


If they at all care fr u and love u…..which is rare bt possible……love them and care fr them the most…..that will definitely give u more satisfaction than anything else….

Monday, June 9, 2008


Places r neither bad nor good........ppl arnd make it was once a place we cldnt think our life without...but today we want our life to move on without being a part of it...

no. no.......i just wrote these lines....dnt know xactly y.....may b because after everything, we cannot just really forget days spent at "compare" (irrespective of all that started being bad and getting worse)... and end of being "colleagues" as every old face moving past........ :-)
This journey has been quite a significant one in my life...started on april 9th, 2007, and i was all so ga-ga and could boast about the fact that i go to work in a place that is full of young souls and like minded people.
Started this journey in a state transport bus...(but...journey to compare just not stop here for has lot more to say, but in the next post may b.. :-)] ...and yes it was the first day that my sandal's strap gave way as soon as i got down from the bus...all perplexed and at a loss.....managed a cobbler and got the sandal mend and then entered the office 15 minutes late than the stipulated time...thank god and luckily...administration didnt really notice that because till then i didnt get my log in the day was managed pretty, the journey started 15 minutes late.....and had so much in store.....
All new faces, some known they were from Jadavpur university. But what impressed me most and made me happy was that none of them i saw was sitting gloomy......very jovial and all laughing and sharing idea what the talks were all about...but soon got the idea as i also became an active member of the "lets take a break and talk and gosssip "...needless to say girls outnumbered the boys in this job, at the same time it would be wise to mention number of female employees outnumbered the male employees here in this there you get the hint...yes here in this office everyone was so friendly and interested in everything that everyone participated in everything together....cursed everything together...laughed at evrything together and yes "sulked" at times nevertheless. no one was really ina state as to not know wat the other person in the office is doing , in every sense.....yes.....and believe me it was fun and every one was so open about their being that it made this work place really a delight to be...........................
Being a member of a team, learning the trade and offcourse..the tricks.....knowing the people around....yes, i repeat, it was "Fun", it was all about feeling was all about being happy.. yes...... together.
But as it is said........bad times are never for this context it can well be said...neither are good times forever........yes, things had to started changing and it changed......good that things change......change brings in a new beginning..................but sadly, i dnt thing the changes that this company went through and is going through can be appreciated much.......(and i think people whoever can relate to this write up thinks in the same way).
i repeat with a modification..........."compare was once a place we cldnt (didnt wanted to) think our life without...but today we want our life to move on (completely) without being a part of it..."................

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Incomparably Jinxed

Keeping the present job scenario and the state of mind I am in, it seems as if I personify discomfort, irritation, unwillingness to do anything productive and meaningful and short temper.

If I sit to analyze and pen down the causes of “can’t live without such feelings at present” will be too boring and repulsive for any of the readers visiting my blog. Having said this I just realized, my sole intention of creating this blog is to let people know the reasons as to what has motivated me to become such an “irritated being”.

First and foremost My Workplace - which is a place full of people who can bring the shit out of you yet can act smart as if the responsibility of declaring the third world war lies on their shoulder. They have gained expertise in throwing meaningless challenges and then expecting you to face them with all bravery and cent percent positive outlook. On accepting such challenges, they think is your will to work and strength to face difficulties lie….which I consider is all “Bull Shit”……Now before, I portray myself as a person who hate to take challenges, (which is true, may be to some extent and moreover which I have acquired after working in this stable) it will be better to mention the types of challenges that are thrown,

i) Ability to work (happily and satisfactorily) without salary for more than a month or two.

ii) Putting you in an air conditioned meeting room to listen to all shits, like,

a) don’t drink too much of coffee
b) don’t use toilet paper without any urgent need
c) enhance your productivity even if you are not being paid
d) Lying on the fact of your salary being credited
e) And many such “Food for Thought”..that they utter to keep the office rolling and giving you false hope on many such important issues

Now having said all this, one can simply come up with a question, as to why don’t I change my Job, if the place is so sick. Or, y am I complaining so much.

I have my answer to it….

I am trying several places since ages, but as I don’t know much of technicalities I am not able to change my present profession with a few basic changes, because as my company promised me will teach some, but ended up in directing me, (and not only me, every single person working here) to write travelogues on Microsoft Word, for those who are lucky and for those unlucky again, its Open Office, for them.

Okk… do u know y aren’t people provided Microsoft Word……because… (hold your breath. …….The company claims itself to be an IT company, has office in Saltlake Sector 5 in Kolkata..(will b better if I dont mention other places where the goddamned company management claims to have an office) do not have enough revenue to buy Microsoft Words License………this is the truth…….the story is given in a way, as if Bill Gates is personally known to the high ups of our company and shares a bad rapport for reasons those r obvious enough to share a bitter relation……..

With an experience of working here for an year now, I am TIRED and SICK of this place.

So, beautiful is my office……….i Loooove the place…….no complains ok…….if u want a job here….forward me ur CV.. i will definitely forward it to the Hell……..and there will start our hatred and dislike for each other…….(hatred and disliking are understatement in this case…take my words)………

More wrath to come… between u can also expect some funny stuff……where I might talk about myself….. :P:P