Monday, September 1, 2008

Doors Opened to Show the Dreams Getting Materialised

Ok if i get back to a work that i used to do, say, 3 yrs back (definitely with a personal touch)....ok..let me write wat i felt about "Rock On". start with....."If GOD has an entity of a male and therefore by sheer chance or luck... if is handsome.......then its "ARJUN RAMPAL"........"

The film....well portrayed the dreams and the aspirations of people when they are in their youth and the way it fades away with time and situation. A group of four enthusiasts moves in to start a rock band......with events and achievements and failures intertwined the dream breaks to hit hard the reality........well, as i perceive it...something breaks to reunite in a more solid happened in this film too....

All the four reunites after a span of 10 years when all were settled in their own way..more basking in commercial success than realizing their dreams and heading forward to achieve it. One an investment consultant, two managing their paternal business .....but one with ease and other facing the failure in its own way, the fourth one stands mid way between realizing his dream and giving it a commercial touch....needless to mention, success kissed them after facing a bitter experience of a fight of egos and some one gaining a bit more importance by taking the risk of making certain unfavorable decisions. Finally, after all bitter tatse they were destined to taste the sweetness and magnanimity of the dreams revived and giving it a real touch. They di prove their metal to the world.

Well, if not to analyze the film critically and trying to relate to it i can say, one just gets blown with the need of the situation and call of the more "real" time. Today at this junction i can only say, look back to a time where you have left your dreams unfulfilled and happiness uncherished..when you are in a position to call your dreams and give it a shape which it deserved and which shows you a sign of success that you wished to see long back......well stands the quote in this scenario..."better late than never".....

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