Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Constant and Rapid

Its really been long that i have scribbled or just jotted down my thoughts here in my blog. Today its nothin special, but just another day in my life, I feel like speaking something..something very absurd may be, but just feeling special reason.. nothing.

Yes but i am feeling a bit different nowadays for having certain things changed for better (or i dont know may b a prelude for the worse....God forbid), though temporarily, on the other hand some things are worsening at a ligtning speed......however, life never seems to stop or move accordingly, times it really feel strange to observe that its this 'life' that brings in all happiness and at times sadness (though unwanted), but the moment when you want to live accordingly you are just helpless...Life moves on as per its own rhythm as if not caring for what has creeped into your "Life" to make you feel happier or sad.

Needless to mention, i was blogging quite more frequently and regularly when i was again experiencing some bitter truth in my life, i sought repose from those clammers by writing here in my blog, thoug there was nothing related to the incidents happening, but, i dnt know how, believe me, i did find some kind of peace and repose in doing so.

Today, its not that the things have got better or that the darker times have shed off to bring in new light, but may be in some way or the other i have succumbed to it, i have got used to it, may be i have become numb to it (but having used the word "numb", it will be wise and safe to mention ........only for the way it is at present, if it changes again even by an inch, i will again have to make myself understand and start getting acquainted to it in all new way...again that will be a task in itself).

If change is the only constant, let changes come in so rapidly so that you dont even get a time to sit and really ponder over the it is..the past always looks beautiful and good in compare to the unknown future and the so called "Vulnerable Present".......
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