Monday, October 20, 2008

Just Like That..:D

Hi, another day in the office...using the resources to satiate my personal urge of writing the blog....sounds nice, na...:D:D:D

You know was one of those days....which went with a bit of portrayed and a bit of natural tension, both on the personal front and on the professional front. Personal tension was to lose the weight of my big fat ass in front of all my team mates, if my PL screams at me and tells me that whatever i did was wrong..(Though i thought..Nothing could b even be 1 point better than what i did)..and on the professional front my tension elated on the fact, what if my PM comes and tell me to empty that seat and take off my big fat ass from the chair and move out of the door...well, not for a smoke this time but for good......:(:(

Thankfully.....everything went right in place and my fat ass is still stuck to the chair from where i am getting an easy access to the keyboard on which i am punching ...:D:D

Well some more.....i debated with someone more harshly and went on to prove my point... that even if a company pays less to one who is desperately looking for a change..Its fine...and no sooner that he went offline...I realized whatever i said sounded really meaningless and funny.......sorry....i mean it…(......i didnt mean that as in the salary conversation.....later...but yes....i did realise what you said was correct and what i said was wrong.....but dnt u think it was partly in what i more on that ......but you know wat!!!! we debated on this and none of us are actually the victim of the financial wrath that the world is facing.....we both are paid to our satisfaction.... and i am more than satisfied....:D:D:D:D...u need to kill time u c..and u also need to keep the other person hooked on to the chat...what if the conversation ends and the “Goodbye” comes in...:D:D....i kept the "Good-bye" at bay for say atleast for 1o mins....wo!!!Good job done...:D:D:D...but now i fear more....what if he doesn’t talk to me thinking i am a mindless fucking old soul....:(:(:(:( i am not...take my words here...and put off all that i said some hours back.........:-

Next in my eventful day was the "Leg-Pulling session".....we didn’t loose even a single second to get a butter masala done out of the already masaledaar gossip.....some one trying to console someone who is "thinking of settling"....and we the pokers..:D:D:D:...where do we get the information from????......obviously...if u scribble your personal longings and "DESIRE" on a public forum...did u say it was our fault to come across those desires and longings..then...HELLO.....we are "just friends” and can simply go on to other friends scrapbook to see if we are made the protagonist of the bitching session...well in the meantime if we get an opportunity where on a male's scrapbook we get to c mushy scraps from some female.....we see an opportunity to get another female getting introduced in "Our Bitching Session"...and as chance and luck had it for us....yeah...we got one...but u c we r too good to say someone a bitch......we just took the thread of scraps to put in some of our valuable scraps on the person's scrapbook......what harm did it do???? only increased the number of scraps in the scrapbook...thats it....;-)

And my day ended happily with loads of work and paper still lying on the desk untouched...well that has to be said..or else you will get an idea as if my company pays me just like "re"..(in a typical marathi tone)...its not like that "re"..:-

Well, will surely come and do some heavy works tomorrow, (apart from organizing the piles of paper lying..which is literally a heavy work)..and will wait and browse through the net for sometime more to c if he is online and if i can just say...yes yes....its bad if a company takes a new employee for granted and pays him less.....yes i mean it........

till it seems i am in a lighter mood....and this post is different from all that i have on my dashboard…:D:D

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I owe you...... start with....still in office.....but...not feeling like working...but the urge to scribble can seldom stop one from penning or rather "keyboarding"...-(thats copyright..u c)..:D:D..... down the abstracts of life and thoughts.

Well......since the last time when i made you my confidant for many an events that my life has witnessed......i traversed a long way.....physically.......unknowingly but intentionally. Know what!!!!.....I still remember the moment when i vigorously uttered the word "YES" for a sesion in Mumbai............. Yes......i was disturbed, irritated, disheartened, disgusted for the way your appealing charm reciprocated to my love. On that note, I just happened to discard it all, to move on to a place which would satisfy my urge to know something new.

Just in a moment's blow i wanted to shut my nose to the aroma of the Nahoum's at the New Market, and on the hindsight I was clear of my conscience of holding on to that single breath till last. i wanted to shut my eyes off the sight of the setting sun against the backdrop of the majestic Howrah Bridge or the magnificent Tech-smart buildings of Saltlake. I wanted to shut my ears to the fading honks of the cars running past the Science City to reach its destination office. I didnt wanted to feel that heat and then to relax and enjoy the cool showers that the clouds showered in the months to releive people from the harsh humidity.

Moment i said yes to the city that swears by its "Aqua-Beauty".....i knew i was going to miss the smell of the flowers that were never seen blooming but made their presence felt with the aroma far away, i also knew the righthand corner of "Xrong" would be devoid of the smoke i puffed and the crude loud laughter. I knew, the stretch from 95, southern Avenue to the Deshapriya Park stoppage would not get to see one of its daily commuters. Just a blank stare at the hanging verandahs of the houses in the Lake Market would look out for that missing glance . A walk to the Deshapriya Park and a "sitting idle" gesture would just be off with a whistle that the train would blow.....i knew i was going to miss all of this with you, who witnessed all my eccentricities and absurdities to the fullest.

But know what...moment i threw myself to the unknown grasp of the majestic aura of the Beach city.....your colonial brilliance was something i was not looking at, those sights i wanted to wipe off my memory board just as the smoke touched the roof of the College Street Coffee House, just as the last sip was slrupped by some at the T3 at the Park street corner or just as the last ray of the setting sun was wiped off with a single movement of the clock's minute hands.

Well i must admit, am looking forward to the day, when i will surely get a chance to embrace your magnificence and you will embrace me for the eccentricities and activities that you will again laugh at or just think about or just move by ignoring it. I miss you for all that you are, for the mornings where i woke up to your alluring tea and coffee shops, which ranged from a road side tea stall to any Barista or Flury's. For the afternoons where you attracted me to the table with foods that defined your authenticity and originality, for the evenings where friends could just stand and say a "Hi" to have a counter puff, or just the night to end the day with some ever nostalgic melodious voices being aired on the radio.

I wish to come back and i know i will for you, your serenity, care and the powerful Love that you ushered on me, u should know i will come back to you and be game till eternity to be with you.