Saturday, January 29, 2011

As weird as it can get! A weird thought passed my mind today.

Which is more scary and difficult to survive!
Running amidst a blazen forest or
jumping into a whirlpool from a height?

just as intense the thought was, i needed a smoke to relax.

Hungry and sleepy a bit
Helped myself with a packet of Maggi
and a mug of coffee in my fist

Set with plate, mug and fork
i sat on the bed
and read while waiting for the stuff
to cool to taste

Reading the last line of an engrossing paragraph,
I saw two red ants running over the page.
Fingerpede (if that is a word) it and saw two more,
and then came running, a few more.

To check the scene i picked up the plate
and saw them running with an attacking gaze!
some swimming in the coffee, some burning in the heat
they had taken up the bed and i felt a red swollen itch.

The question suddenly changed!
which is more scary?!
to eat ant littered food or sleep with them!
and bam intruded the Reality check!

So to conclude:
Life addressed as Dude,
you think i am unaware of the fact that i am one of your prey?!
you attack me in situations where worst expected!
to top it all
Your friend, Destiny, never ever showed me its pretty face

A request if i do!

I know i am whacky in my own little way
but can you please stop poking so hard to say?!

My energy and enthusiasm
matches my bank balance

so i cannot give in much effort to strike on your ugly looking face
but pounce back i will, for sure
tommorrow or day after whenever i conjure.