Friday, February 27, 2009

oioioioioi not willing........some other time may be....:D

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bombing Applaud...

Oh for sure i am happy with that OSCAR being awarded to a film which has a hindi print specially for India (country where it has been shot..remember...where do u get such "GLORIFIED and GLAMORORUS Slum!!!!!!!!)...:O

For sure i am happy about the fact that the slack in tourism that India experienced after the infamous 26th November, 2008 terrorist attack in Mumbai will revive on a greater deal with all rucksackers visiting Mumbai to learn more about "How Dharavi looks like??!!!!"...

For sure i am happy about the fact that A.R.Rehman, who has been at his best everytime he has touched that keypad, got some kind of a global recognition. (So the list by which India was known comprised of POVERTY, Taj Mahal, Mahatma Gandhi, Elephants and the Colonial country has one more added to the list....)

Well...should i say i am ashamed of the fact that i have not seen the movie!!!!, ......well...i can do nothing much about it because i fail to follow the language when it has to be heard and seen at the same time on-screen.

Neways....but sad i am for the people who are not getting the point that the film is a hollywood film and only has a hindi version like any other Titanic which received some 11 i rite!!!.....for sure this film will be on air sooner or later on occassion of may be Holi or Diwali, so then may be i can watch it...although the hindi version. (A celebration in itself, man!!!!)

Neways..good for us....good for the "OBAMA lovers/ worshippers residing in our country, state, city, streets, cafes and Home... trying to mug up OBAMA's swearing speech....BTW...who is India's president???...come on man...they know who s/he is!!!!

Shake a country with bombs and then's all about SOUND....!!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009


i think i will get up at reach the venue at 5..A.M...:O
i think i will run the stretch...4.2 K.M
i think i will......

........I........WILL??????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....................will i???????????

P.S. - (updated) I reached..but cldn't run..i was hungry..:P:P

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How to maintain a stable economy!!!!??

I hope not, stalwarts like Amartya Sen and Manmohan Singh gets a voyeuristic pleasure out of reading this esteemed blog of mine....therefore...i do take the audacity to name the post as it is and blabber out some of my ideas...
Hey...for all you know.....ok!!! you know whether manmohan singh is a proud father of a son or not!!!..well...i have to take chances because every bengali knows that Amartya's daughter has taken a deep plunge into that obscene world of cinema and do not have any brother...:(:( i mind not if the two satlwarts read my blog.....
So here i go.....

we work..dark it is... u said...

well clear..We work..wat no. of people less...ok wait c..i work

he too works

pressure lessened....

pressure lessened..2

cn we hve some food..

yes we should

we work..we eat

we still eat

food makes our tummy happy

we should exercise after that hvy dose of food

yes we should..exercise hard

tired.....after work, food and exercise...a tough day..days... still missing...!!!!!
okk....he was busy shopping.....

Monday, February 2, 2009

UCK...a tussle between L and F

Well...of my innumerous sojourn to the movie halls on weekends often give me the feed for posting something or the's not only about watching movies and then writing a kind of review...its also about observing everything and evryone around...

Yesterday i went to watch this film, "Luck By Chance"...first, if it is marked as a "Blockbuster Hit"..believe me, that will be again a hype as was created before the release of the film and that will be a "Luck By Chance" factor for the film itself....No personal vengeance...

But yeah..i mean lot of stuff like being a struggler, making friends and girl friend in a new city, often than not..the girlfriend is obviously so because she is the only believer in the struggler's talent and potentials, finally a surprise call from "No-Where" and being the protagonist that you are, offcourse the star shines bright on him among some "uncountable" number of people standing in the queue...and finally, obviously he has to make it and he makes it with no side role, no sidey role, no second lead role or such the TOP...the protagonist have all in him...acting talent, PR talent, wooing-mother-and-daughter talent and everything you need to be some Shahrukh Khan.

So Luck being at place and not by chance but sheer capability of wooing mother first and then daughter, you are there to shoot on some outdoor location for the first film and your girlfriend arrives at the venue to give a pleasanr surprise from her side which turns out to be unfair on the protagonist's part for the fact that he is already on a newer trip of unrevealing the surprises that his co-star is there to offer both emotionally and physically.

Neways..i intend not to write more on the story line of the film if i can spend 170 bucks for a crap i am not much interested in bugging you guys at the cost of it.

Well..sadly, i bought a ticket not from the counter instead from one who was willing to sell an extra was later i realised that how Lucky the concerned person would have been in whose place i was sitting.

So, buying ticket not from the counter had cost me to say good-bye to the limited amount of cash i had and therefore after such a trauma i couldn't even treat or console myself with some popcorns and a coke....

So in a package it was a bad film with nothing to claim myself as "Lucky".