Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bombing Applaud...

Oh for sure i am happy with that OSCAR being awarded to a film which has a hindi print specially for India (country where it has been shot..remember...where do u get such "GLORIFIED and GLAMORORUS Slum!!!!!!!!)...:O

For sure i am happy about the fact that the slack in tourism that India experienced after the infamous 26th November, 2008 terrorist attack in Mumbai will revive on a greater deal with all rucksackers visiting Mumbai to learn more about "How Dharavi looks like??!!!!"...

For sure i am happy about the fact that A.R.Rehman, who has been at his best everytime he has touched that keypad, got some kind of a global recognition. (So the list by which India was known comprised of POVERTY, Taj Mahal, Mahatma Gandhi, Elephants and the Colonial country has one more added to the list....)

Well...should i say i am ashamed of the fact that i have not seen the movie!!!!, ......well...i can do nothing much about it because i fail to follow the language when it has to be heard and seen at the same time on-screen.

Neways....but sad i am for the people who are not getting the point that the film is a hollywood film and only has a hindi version like any other Titanic which received some 11 i rite!!!.....for sure this film will be on air sooner or later on occassion of may be Holi or Diwali, so then may be i can watch it...although the hindi version. (A celebration in itself, man!!!!)

Neways..good for us....good for the "OBAMA lovers/ worshippers residing in our country, state, city, streets, cafes and Home... trying to mug up OBAMA's swearing speech....BTW...who is India's president???...come on man...they know who s/he is!!!!

Shake a country with bombs and then's all about SOUND....!!!!
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