Friday, November 14, 2008


I am writing a blog now...because
1) I am writing one
2) I am not feeling like working
3) I am tired of writing sense
4) Ilove this blog thing
5) I am in a mood to nag, but i see no one interested in listening to the same.

1) The kolkata people write the best blogs (I strictly mean only YOUTHS from KOLKATA....and u do count me among youth, not necessarily Blogger....)

2) The JU, Presidency and the Xavier's people write the best blogs(I mean anyone who has even visited any of these places even fr a fag counter.)

1) Trying to take this commercial capital of India on blogosphere by writing one from the location.

Kolkata..i LOVE......Mumbai...I MIGHT LOVE someday......and u have to care about it...
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