Tuesday, November 11, 2008

To You

Had i been in kolkata i am not sure whether i would have gone to the 14th Kolkata International Film Festival or not. But irrespective of that, now that i am not in kolkata, i am missing the event, i will miss the event and i will keep missing it for reasons plenty. I will miss it for the next seven days, may b till the next year, may be anytime till amnesia hits me.

This event reminds me cliched (ly) of an opportunity to watch films....goes without saying, but a number of other activities that used to keep me really busy - i will be missing those.

I will be missing those poke that i got for not making it to one of the good films of the festival, poke for just sitting idle when all were too enthusiastic to watch a certain screening, poke at the moment when realization has dawned on all others that they have also missed a film just because of the contagious lethargy.

I will be missing end number of people whom i met only during those seven days. I will be missing just a "hi" from someone whom i had met years back and then a sudden pleasure of meeting them again, may be just for a fleeting minute if not second. I will be missing the center seat in the "Nandan Complex", where neither you nor any one can miss each other's presence, i will be missing those "just-sit-beside" conversation and eventually ending up being another prominent acquaintance in each other's list.

I will be missing moving out of a hall, creeping, on not liking the film. I will be missing saying a lie to someone about a film which i havent watched on a positive review about the same hitting my ear. I will be missing saying a lie about watching a film from the start to the end, in which i have actually slept through the whole film.

I will be missing those last shows and then waiting for a taxi for just an hour, may b it was nt about getting a taxi it was just about spending another hour discussing about the day and the days to come.

I will miss the cold breeze, i will miss the chill of the halls, specially Rabindra sadan and Shishir Mancha.

I will be missing u all, i will be missing it all....but i think i will like missing it for that will give me sense of how i enjoyed "Something", which i never realised.
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