Tuesday, November 18, 2008


"I" have come up with something that can be on "About me" on the profile , but i refrain from putting this there, instead i will take this opportunity to flaunt my self and will keep adding to this post as i discover more about myself...::D:D:D:D:D...to start with , as u cn c and i will have ample to prove the first statement , which goes like this ...

1) I am a "megalomaniac"

2) I like walking off the shed, when its raining and its "calf-deep" water, coz, "ankle deep" doesnt make it exciting enough and when its "knee-deep", you have to put in a bit more effort to wade through....so u c .."I" am lazy, lethargic..

3) I make myself sure that i dnt cry while watching the scene in Cinema Paradiso, where Alfredo says a few words to Toto, while he is leaving "Giancaldo", the words are as follows :
" Dont come back, dnt think about us, dnt give into nostalgia, forget us all. Whatever you end up doing, love it, the way you loved the projection booth when you were a little squirt".

and after the scene gets over, i feel a lump down my throat.

4) Of late, i often realise the fact that our parents are mortal being like anybody who leaves for eternal bliss.

5) I love sipping Frappe Hazelnut with a smoke, specially when i am sitting alone in that corner of the Lake Road Barista.

6) i have argued and have been rude to all at some point of time, except for one.

7) Nowadays, i feel like stopping half way while introducing myself to someone, may be because i have lost patience of introducing myself in all these years with the same to say.

8) I enjoy sitting with all those who can talk non-sense for hours uncounted and then can sit fr hours without a word. The best thing neither i nor they feel the urge of speaking or moving on just because silence intervenes, these are the persons whom i call friends. (they also call me the same. i am sure).

9) I was fat and i didnt care, i am fat and i think i care, but i have started loving cheese and butter all the more.

10) I miss my school days, because of the place, i miss my college days because of the hostels, i miss my university days.

11) I love dogs, calf, rabbit and tortoise and poking my friends, pulling other's leg and laughing at myself when the gang does so.

12) I remember walking with the ice cream in hand on a winter night after having a dinner with a few.

13) I like the "Southern Avenue" stretch to Golpark and the lansdowne stretch till Deshapriya park.

14) I love getting up in the morning and evening on a call where in i get to know that there's a get together organised by some at any nearby coffee shop.

15) I love when people give me names and call me by those names.....gejo, gaju, chimp, panu, mota, timo.....anyname......

16) I haven't been to Daltonganj fr almost two years now and i avoid going there, for i still have the habit of expressing.."Everything is Fine with me, I am not sad"..while bidding that good bye even after 10 years of staying away from home, "I really dnt feel fine and feel sad" at that moment..i think even here i understated wat i really feel. ....i feel the same lump down my throat as mentioned in point 3.

17) I love shouting and partying with...as mentioned in point 8

18) I love talking to myself .

19) I like when people about whom i care, scolds me.

20) At times i like the way it is, at times i hate the way it is.
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