Monday, November 17, 2008

Mumbai is looking Good

A very frank and a rude statement i will make....

I am enjoying Bunny's and Golu's company to the fullest here in Mumbai for the undermentioned reasons....(At times one of my roommate can also be counted here in the list):

1) They are the best with whom i can be myself because they are at comfort being themselves.

2) I can enjoy the way I want to because we have a similar definitions and idea of enjoying.

3)Going out with them doesnt mean i will have to just move around, they are as good foodie as i am ( if not, then loves drinking) and therefore i enjoy eating and drinking with them no matter where it is.

4) Not only that they try not to be formal, they are not formal because they cannot be formal, atleast with me.

For other's, here in Mumbai, you people either try to be very formal with me or over friendly. I hate both the attitudes.

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