Monday, November 17, 2008

Another One..:D

U can afford to be nostalgic when :

1) You are sitting with some sensible old pals, by "sensible" i mean some who has faced the same situation in the same way as you have faced it, (as in moving out of home town and stuff like that or from that cozy comfort zone of the past, to be precise... but then when u say that, everyone claims to have a rugged present topography plain and simple....People whom you think will understand and can contribute or to the least will be a good listener to the topic or act of being nostalgic.

2) You are sitting with the same guys boozing and smoking on the terrace on an October night under starry sky say after an appraisal or just the night before when you all are going on a 10 days trip to some hilly regions.

3) You are travelling, specifically in a train and heading towards the place you love... for anything, as in you are travelling where in you are expecting fun and you are just happy about going to the concerned place.

4) You have something where you can jot down your memories.

5) you are alone because you are happy or you are happy that you are alone.

Look for the above conditions, you can afford to be nostalgic because that wont make you cry, instead, it will give you an opportunity to feel good about your past and therefore trying to make a present and a future of which you can be nostalgic about in the distant future.

Well, end of this crap...i thought this see.. i had something where i jotted it down....:D:D:D:D
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