Saturday, November 29, 2008

Winters in Daltonganj

Want to go to Daltonganj.....anytime between Dec.15 to Jan.15. why...????? Well....

1) Its my home town.....Duh

2) Want to appreciate the beauty of Nature, when tempearture is falling down to some 2 and 1 degree celsius..(well such a fall in temperature can also be experienced in many other towns and cities in India, but along with the natural beauty, the ever rising pollution level alomost comes free in this era of globalisation.)

3) I haven't experienced such a beauty in almost five years now.

4) Sudden gusts of rain...when the temperature is some 3 degree celsius.

5) Waking up in the morning which looks like evening because of mist and fog.

6) Leisurely stroll not a the afternoon, cycling through those dingy gullies and relatively broad streets where everybody looks at you as if they know you, but fails to figure at a go....and hence looks at you perplexed..and you often pass by...

7) Stroll along the riverside in the at around 4-4.30 p.m.

8) A sudden power cut on those full moon nights when you are sitting all covered in your woollens and under a blanket.

i mean..all the above experience can just afford to die after such a bliss.....
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