Thursday, December 11, 2008

It Rained

Like many other posts..without any reason, base, logic or anything....this practise might describe me......if observed...a creature marching on the earth, without a radar...aimlessly, baselessly, illogically.....well...not to continue on that line...

This time i am trying to jot down memories associated with songs....i am not trying to start in any chronological order, rather as it comes to my jagged memory.

Rite at this point of time, i am listening to songs of Metro and Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, (wat did you say???, u expected something very different from this collection???.....then i must say, u have stepped on to a wrong blog..this might not be your place...i am sure u will find greener pastures around..:-D)

Well, the songs from these two films, reminds me every act, weird act, i performed in the show-house called "Compare Infobase"...without fail i still say....the place definitely had the charm to woo many if not all...i was among "many" of them.

"In-dino dil mera" and "bol na halke halke" reminds me of those showers, which stood as a transparent curtains between me standing on the verandah and those distant green scape on one side and those concrete structures on the other side, just to mention one among the numerous shots that pass my memory scape within seconds, as soon as any of these two songs start.

The sessions at Xrong, i remember i heard JBJ's songs, for the first time. i remember the capris fitting me fine, the peach colored t-shirt just highlighting the contours of my body as those were, the long tresses, wet and smelling sweet becuase of that newly discovered shampoo and the fragrance that i always wore till then....

The walk from 95, southern avenue to Deshapriya park, Rahul's car waiting in front of the National High School, me walking towards the school, Debolina beside me...and then discovering the other two sitting in the car, unlike "all-drenched" debolina and me, they were dry as a date and were looking as proper as one can manage to look for some highly anticipated interview call after ages.

"In dino dil mera" also reminds me - loosing my favorite "Osho Chappal"...well, i have fetish for objects which helps me feel "lighter" ...;-D, the same osho chappal i wore to XRONG, the time i heard JBJ's music. well and then the other two sitting in Rahul's car didnt even notice that i was on my way to office, without any "footwear..and yes...i mean it...

This song also reminds me of the "special lift" in pisi's car...though at that point of time neither of us knew each other....moment i just entered with my soiled feet , i could hear the song...

Man, i took this song as a jinxed one in my always i think i was wrong.

the post to be per the delivery from the above jagged memory,...:D:D
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