Friday, November 14, 2008

B" folllowed by an "U"...

i have discovered .......any word where a "B" is folllowed by an "U"...the word utters a way or of my experiences..please dnt take it to your heart)

1) Bus: I mean BEST
2)Butt: Either of that Fag about which you wonder where to put it...or just that BIG ONE.
3) Bun: Pav as they call it here in Mumbai.....:X.....How can a city survive on this round eatable thing????
4) But: makes a sentence crooked and i hate that..(i mean that stupid If..But Chemistry).
5)Burn: The one that happen when you are Jealous of someone.
6)Burlesque: Why misrepresent someone??

A few exceptions:
Bud or Buddy: symbolises hope.....

Oh wat realisations.....i feel proud...:D:D:D
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