Saturday, November 8, 2008

The surname game

Changes in these surnames:

1) Duttaray --> Chakraborty

2) Mohanty -->Parija

3) Hatimuria --> (wld b..) dnt know

4) Mukherjee --> Gupta

5) Sengupta --> NO IDEA

Well, as inference can be easily drawn, or if not, the above mentioned surnames (the first ones) were all tagged to the persons who were my "Friends".

Well, the first three just changed, leaving not much impacts on my existence. The surnames were rolled in and rolled out just as the role of those people in my life..nothing great.....came in and went away....were there till my eyes could see them....were out of my mind moment they were not may be i will just refer them to as roommates that they were for 1 year and the contact game was intact till the change in surname.

Well, the change of the 4th on the list will definitely have a greater impact on my life in compared to in any other surname getting changed in this world.

Mukherjee, Soma Mukherjee to Soma Gupta, As her husband's Souvik Gupta....

-- I know her: since circa 2000
-- Roommate: 2000-2002, again 2003-2005.....4 years.
-- Stayed in the same city : 2000-2008.

Yyes, thats the number. 8 years of togetherness, friendship, hatred, love, disgust, well being, pleasure, displeasure and all emptions that a person can have in a span of 8 years, per se, every emotions were exchanged and were noted on each other's existence.

Ok...she stood witness to all my highs and lows....she knew better than me when i was happy, she knew better than my parents when i was sad, she knew better than anyone, when i was not in the right mood. May be, one get to know a person better than anyone else when they have to spend 24/7 with the person under the same roof.

Well, we had to put up at different places, during the later years as per the call of the situation and time. (May be that was just an epilogue to the time coming..).

Our rendezvous or should i say meetings or dont know wat xactly, was carried on holidays, sundays, saturdays, even if not regularly, yes, sporadically. One and some more things for sure, we knew if there was no one we were just a call away from each other. We knew if we dnt have any plans to spend the day, we cn just call up and plan out somethig which will definitely make the day more interesting than any other days. We knew, we wanted to watch a movie at the night show and if we dnt get a conveyance after the show gets over....we cn walk down the lane or any distance just with the craps, silly laughters and what not.....We knew we can laugh at the silliest things for hours, we knew we can discuss the most serious things in life, that we considered serious enough, fr hours, we knew we can wake up wither of us no matter how deep sleep we r in.

But having said all doesnt mean..we never fought, we never got tired of each other, at times we wanted "Not to be with each other"....and the reunion was never a reunion, the hatred or the disgust didnt change just in a second.........we hated each other for the silliest reason, we were irritated on each other just because we had no one around to vent that irritation out....yes.."Punch Bag" they call regrets for the fights, no tears for the times we werent together. .....we tolerated each other's oddities as it complains......... we enjoyed just the way we were with each other.

Now if i sit to think...wat about those loud laughters while watching a movie? Wat about those fridays, saturdays and sundays..when we knew we were definitely there to be with each other, willingly or unwillingly??!! Wat about those night shows, which when ended saw us laughing for getting no conveyance way back home? Wat about those sudden mood swings or irritations when i knew you were there where i can vent out all and all would just set in perfectly with an equal jitter from the other idea......

Well, things changes, circumstances changes and people always find their ways out.....certainly i will, may be with your help.......

......And for the change in the 4th surname ....i really have no idea as to what will happen.........only i can hope and wish, not to witness the effect of that change in the surname and then residing in the same city.
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