Thursday, October 29, 2009


She walked up the stairs silently...she knew a tap of the heels would bring in the people of the adjacent apartments to the eye-hole on their doors.

She was walking up the stairs in perfect silence and shivered once on seeing him standing at the staircase landing. She waited in front of the 2nd floor apartment door as he went to the 3rd floor to get the keys for the 2nd floor apartment. She blankly stared at the door of the apartment on the 3rd floor.

she knew no matter how much she loved him, she would never be entitled to set her feet inside the apartment above, his actual "Home". She was even more sure that he would meet her at the second floor apartment only till the day, when someone more near to his life "socially" would be accepted heartily by his family members and will be welcomed to the warmly lit 3rd floor apartment.

Her silent cry went unnoticed with the screeching sound of the door leading them to the dark and cold apartment on the 2nd floor.
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