Saturday, November 14, 2009

Smile :-)

Hey...Whats up??!!!How is Life???!!! I ask this question to myself many a times...More when i am not doing fine...not physically...but more when something from within tickles and say.."There's something not in place, dude!!"...and just to console myself and to move on i say "Yes", but right then i actually get to sense how superficial the answer was.

Today was a pretty bright day...infact not actually as is expected in the second week of November...woke up in the was quite hot..treated myself with cookies and a cuppa "Infusion"...the famous Coffee House of Kolkata has this written on their menu card for "Black Coffee"... :)..How a few things just come up, na...well, for people living outside Kolkata, whenever you visit The City of Joy, make it a point to go to The Coffee House.

Then, my flatmate wished me "Happy Children's Day"...wished her back with a huge smile :)

People whoever are on my Facebook friend list, might have noted my status message. For the rest, i was suppose to go to the Kolkata Film Festival, thought of watching "Tum Mile", needed to go to the cobbler and parlour et al....and, knowing myself, i also gave this note at the end: ..."Hope the 'Lethargy Bug' keeps off", but to no did hit me right on time...

It was almost 12 by then, so went for a bath, had lunch, watched a movie on Television, took a short nap, woke up, "Infusion", TV, online..and it was again 8pm.

But know what...after a long long time...this has happened. I am rarely at home...infact, weekdays or weekends, i stay at home till i am doing something. On weekends..washing, dusting et al and moment its over..i walk out..literally.. :)..either watching a movie all by myself, shopping, chatting with friends, at Barista and around the city and finally at home when the moon is almost about to pass my balcony, and right on time, i go running to the balcony and wish it a good-bye till the next day(well, before that ultra-dark night..i also give it a flying kiss and a bunny hug, as it wont be present the next day and will be difficult to locate for the next few days)....

But today, right before i started writing this, i asked myself, casually, just for the sake of it..."Hey Wazzup, how's life??!!!" and prompt came the answer with a smile catched unaware...."Absolutely Fine, Dudette"...and this answer made me feel more content, more happy..and this answer for sure was not came from the same chamber as the question and the smile stood as stamp of assurance.

And then i realized, we often in our hurry to catch up with things around, to do the mundane, to smile at people, to answer the questions...we forget to keep a note about what is the person inside doing???!!!...Its not about being selfish..or self centered...its just a time when you take an off from your surroundings to pay a visit to the self that makes you what YOUare to the world and offcourse to yourself...

Well, i am not the kind of person who crib and complain..yea..offcourse there are times when i actually do so, but overall i am a very happy kind of a person. I cannot pressurize myself or keep myself tensed for long. I can actually be the happiest person in any given situation, but that comes with a big IF, i.e, I am Happy only if I want to be... and thats what i think is important. One cannot let anyone take him/her for granted, nor should one always intervene in what others are doing.

A few statement stands true,very true, and more often than not i try to follow those lines:
Live and Let Live
Smile and the world smiles with you

At the end...i know only one thing:
Its my life...its a blessing and i got to live it up...i got to live it to the hilt...i got to be Happy and should always enjoy the blessing...

On that note and on this "Children's Day" let us all be as pure and true and lets smile that "Lovely Innocent Smile"...Kudos to Life and Lets be Happy and make the world a happier place to be... :-)
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