Friday, July 10, 2009

To My World...

Ma and Baba,

I know you will never read this...never.. and even if you read you will consider it as trash as i think while typing..but i want to say something here...

Today, it's your 28th Marriage Anniversary....You and Baba look great together..yeah i know that's a cliched expression...but then truth is truth and limited for the way they are expressed...
You both have taught me to "Live"...I am proud of who you are to me...but and here on this note I start...

  • Why do you go overboard when it comes to "Relatives"...why is it, that they expect you to visit their place everytime you are here in kolkata, irrespective of the reasons of your coming here, which primarily includes, Health reasons.

  • Why do they have to bother you so much with their fake botheration??? and again you get into that.... Ma&Baba: Health problem happens at any age and at any time and yes, offcourse there are ways to get well perfectly and soon.

  • I am really pissed off on this...i see your dressing style being influenced by some of "The Relatives"...Ma, i won't have bothered about it a bit if that would have been in a positive way..but Ma their choice SUCKS...and i just can't believe when you say the other piece in the shop was 150-200 rs. more than the shitty crap you have got, i know, it's just because you have "Their" consensus on buying it???..I am not accepting this....
To this let me tell you..your collection has gone way too drab, LS and uninteresting and this i am saying not because my choice have changed....i still love your earlier collection way more than the things that you have bought recently....this is getting sick MA....and i know...this is that "Evil-Influence" on you....

  • I have started loving you all the more for all your funny and non-sensical blabbering... then i realise the meaning of what "they" said.."Like mother, like daughter"... :D

  • Yes, you have grown old..old enough to authoritatively lead a peaceful and non-hectic life... i know your operation had been painful, more than that your patience had been tried. when it came to physical concerns you were tied to certian limitations , ...but baba, you are fine now..absolutely fine...and you really need to enjoy these peaceful days...please Baba..dn't give up...this is the time to live and be happy...i know you have your own concerns and if i say today, "I am Here"..i know i am simply being modest and I know some thing goes well when it is conveyed without being "said".

  • Baba, i am still proud of your choice and collection and at times the way you dampen ma's enthusiasm to visit all those "Relatives's" place just to hear stories of pain and the following melodramas.
well, now a BIG point to be made:

I will get Married. To whom and when, i am as unsure and clueless as you are. okk...some of my reactions to my mother's over-used dialogues:
  • Yes, i have many friends...but no, i dn't have any "Special Friend".
  • I go to watch movies, shopping all alone and believe me no one accompanies me. If some does, they are all girls.
  • I drink coffee and "Liquor" with boys, YES....but believe me none of them have any intention to marry me and i respect their feeling.
  • Yes Ma, as you say, "I am pure waste in not managing to have a boyfriend after studying in a co-ed school and university". Well Ma, i take a chance here and say "The blooming days are in the college may be, and i wasted another three years of my life studying in a "Girl's College".
  • Yes Ma, i know i am short and fat, i eat too much and therefore no one will marry me, and more if i continue eating rice four times a day... :D
  • And please do not go by "The Relatives" consensus while choosing the "Man" for me... "your relatives" might like him...but...
  • i know "you have not many but only one child...and to see her happy is what you wish"...but for that do not rely on me..i cannot make you happy on take the initiative and you will be happier"... :P
okk..enough of complains....but may be i am the happiest person to have you as my parents, for the way you people have allowed me to be whatever i am, for teaching me the ways to face the world, though silently, for agreeing to what was good and disagreeing to what was not so good.
and last but not the least...after all these years of staying in two different and far away cities, i have still not come to terms with bidding you the good-bye while seeing you off on your journey to the home-town...i still feel bad and sad...but again may be you never taught me to be "weak" and have taught me to accept the reality and the practical norms as it were and that too with a smile...
I always love the way you appreciate any thing and everything i give you and the smile on getting those bouquet of red and white flowers...thats what you both are to me..."Love" and "Peace"....
Love you the way you are forever... :D
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