Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Unseen

Well, to start with the weird thoughts have not left me yet, but who cares...the more they get attention the more they sit on you. So let things be as it is and i should take a step more to explore the unseen and unknown...

Results of a few daily and "crappy" observation:

Sunglasses: Offcourse and obviously protecting the eyes from the glare
of the sun is the responsibility that this accessory is assigned with. Informally, it also helps the social animal in carrying on with many more glaring activities in an unhindered way for sure, and for this informal set of jobs , i will definitely give "Sunglass" its due respect and recognition.

Now, thanks to the 70s Bollywood Style that has again stepped into the fashion arena. Just a basic blue jeans and a white t-shirt (obviously, timeless and the smartest combination that one can think of) with its inherent simplicity, when accessorized with the 70s Bollywoood Style oversized sunglass, it is sure to turn a few heads in appreciation.

Ok, so a few cases :

1. You (male/female) wearing a sunglass can consistently admire some beauty or hunk sitting at the table opposite yours in some cafe and you can afford to do it safely without the other person having an idea that s/he is being appreciated/stared at. (offcourse with admiration)
Case1: Sunglass as a protective sheet

2. Safeguards some admirer(male/female) from unneccessary verbal or emotional blows from their over-possessive girlfriends and boyfriends while constantly staring at some beauty/dude in situation similar as the above one.
Case 2: Sunglass dearer than a nagging person.

3. Some one without a sunglass is following you, or just trying to gain your attention in a crowded scape, and you want to react on getting a hint of that. In such cases you can actually react in several and safer ways if you are wearing a sunglass.
3.a. You can observe the person more minutely if you are wearing a sunglass where the person is not even getting a hint of your attention:
3.a.i If the observer here is not much worth, you can continue putting on airs with your sunglass either positioned on the face or head.
3.a.ii You can just take off your sunglass in style and give a hard stare to keep the meandering person at bay.
3.a.iii In such cases or with minor diversification sunglasses also helps to carry forward the message of "I am least interested and in an "Ignoring" mode", right across to the nagger.

4. You can actually observe the world around minutely with your sunglasses on. Elements to be observed and be-careful-of can include "someone" to "something". You can actually take a note of " how one looks" or " how one looks at you".

5. In some unfortunate cases, suppose you are out on a picnic and eventually company of a few underestimates the meaning of the word "BORE", then and exactly there you can strect yourself on the green lawn as if admiring the nature and can actually go into a short but peaceful nap.

I am sure there are a lot more, so you people can feel free to give your ideas and elate the invention of such an important and helpful accessory.

I only hope, no "glare-brand" glares at this post and on your comments, or else the prices of this under-estimated accessory will have an financial upsurge in this unavoidable recession-ized market.

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