Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Closed Sphere

A random post...definitely inspired by some of the blogs that i follow...but yes on reading those posts i realised some where down even i feel the same ..i needed a much pressured drive to let my expressions and thoughts take textual shape...

  1. Some way i feel, we have become more complaining and we take immense pleasure in blaming what we see and others do.

  2. Some way i feel, we do not bother to learn from the experience we gain...no matter how small or big the events are to teach us a small but valuable lesson.

  3. Some way i feel, we do not walk...we prefer running like dogs and then give up just the moment we feel tired.

  4. Some way i feel, we have lost the sensibility and sensitivity to take notice of anything that we come across.

  5. Some way i feel, we are always in a hurry to jump to the next rather giving due importance to the present, moment "the next" become "present" we take it for granted.

  6. Some way i feel, we are no more surprised or hesitated to see the unknown and unseen.

  7. Some way i feel, we think that the world is flat and what is gone has just passed away.

But...unfortunately if we keep on deriving pleasure from all the above, the world, rather we will make ourself realise that its "round" and this will be taught in a harsher way.....

There is a need to be afraid of, to observe, to love, to give it a due importance, to ponder and to hold on to...

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