Friday, November 19, 2010



Drinking to the tee…drinking like never before and like there’s no tomorrow and enjoying it to the core as always. With ever increasing waist line and then as any sane person would do, blowing up the rest of the meager earned honey called money in shopping.

Not so Blissful
Other activities largely comprises of watching movies...Bollywood see... no matter how much I crib and cry after watching those shit-spattered on the screen, my Fridays remain incomplete without having gone through that shit splash once a week. You despise me...I DO NOT give a DAMN.

Falling in love with the sea over and over again is not something that I can get over with in this life at least. Bombay looks good with its scorching sun in November and the awkward November Rains.

 Lovingggggg It.. J
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